A2 Super Cup | Vanoli Cremona wins in Treviglio and earns the passage to the quarters

A2 Super Cup | Vanoli Cremona wins in Treviglio and earns the passage to the quarters
A2 Super Cup | Vanoli Cremona wins in Treviglio and earns the passage to the quarters
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© photo by Matteo Rossoni

In the third and final decisive match of the green round of the LNP Old Wild West Super Cup, Vanoli Cremona, at PalaFacchetti in Treviglio, faced the Blu Basket Gruppo Mascio. The biancoblù, thanks to a convincing performance, won the match with a score of 63-80 and qualified for the quarter-finals of the event. The match will be played on Tuesday 20 September in Cento, against Tramec first classified in the Red group.

Vanoli was good at immediately breaking the game in the first quarter starting with great intensity in defense and playing with good spacing in attack that allowed great shooting accuracy (12/15 from the field with 8/8 from two). The biancoblù then kept their concentration and attention high in their own half throughout the match, gradually finding different protagonists in the offensive phase.

Unlike what happened in Piacenza, Vanoli starts strong and places a 3-11 run that forces coach Carrea to time out after three and a half minutes of play. Cremona, however, continues to run and arrives first at 5-24 and then closes the fourth 13-30. Even in the second quarter, Vanoli keeps the defensive intensity high and continues to play fluently in attack until reaching 19-42 and then closing with Denegri’s triple on the siren that sends the teams into the locker room at 27-50. Nothing new at the resumption of the game with the biancoblù who do even better in defense than they did in the first two quarters, keeping the hosts at eleven points. Thus ends at the penultimate siren on 38-68. Cremona at the beginning of the last quarter touches the maximum advantage on 38-70 and then controls until the end. It ends 63-80.


Blue Basket Mascio Treviglio Group – Vanoli Basket Cremona: 63-80

(13-30, 14-20, 11-18, 25-12)

Blue Basketball Group Mascio Treviglio

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Giuri 15, Clark 13, Abati Touré, Lombardi 11, Taylor 4; Cerella 2, Bruttini 3, Sacchetti 7, Maspero 8; Corona in All. Carrea

Vanoli Basket Cremona

Eboua 11, Gallo 3, Cannon 13, Alibegovic 7, Caroti 12, Denegri 10, Lacey 10, Piccoli, Zacchigna, Mobio 8, Ndzie 6. All. Cavina

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