Emilia-Romagna, signed the new pact for health and safety in the workplace – SulPanaro

Emilia-Romagna, signed the new pact for health and safety in the workplace – SulPanaro
Emilia-Romagna, signed the new pact for health and safety in the workplace – SulPanaro
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Emilia-Romagna holds a pact for health and safety in the workplace. Built by the Region together with all the social partners and the components of the regional society gathered in Pact for Work and the Climate: Local authorities, trade unions, businesses, schools and professions, universities, third sector and chambers of commerce.

A new agreement – presented at a press conference by president of the RegionStefano Bonaccini, and give him regional councilors for Labor and Economic Development and at Health policies – to anticipate and manage change in the context of the green, digital and demographic transition; educate in the culture of decent work and safety starting from school; ensure people, from the first day of work and throughout their working life, the skills that allow them to prevent, reduce and even eliminate risk factors. Together to combat illegal work, precariousness, the illegal use of precarious contracts, the evasive procurement practices of the legislation as well as the excessive outsourcing and fragmentation of activities in procurement and subcontracting, starting with public ones.

And, again, a new pact to promote national legislative reform aimed at avoiding social dumping by supporting virtuous companies; to combat all forms of illegality and guarantee a fairer and safer labor market, a healthier and more competitive economy, a more cohesive society. To support widespread organizational and technological innovation processes that improve occupational health and safety standards, intensify collaboration between institutions and invest in human, financial and technological resources to strengthen assistance, supervision and control.

A commitment that the entire regional system decides to assume, from the way of school and that of work to train, inform and prevent. Shared measures, starting with one close on controlsand a strong investment in the culture of prevention, to drastically reduce injuries and accidents. In all sectorswith particular attention to the sectors most at risk: logistics, agriculture, building

The interventions: from training and school to the Joint Nucleus and the extension of the white list

The signatories of the Pact for Labor and Climate at the last meeting completed the drafting of the text. I agree in underlining how health and safety at work, whether dependent or self-employed, are the first requirement of one quality employment. A right that Emilia-Romagna intends to guarantee through aassumption of collective responsibility and with integrated actions that make it possible to act on four objectives: culture, information and training; quality of work, business and development; research, innovation and digitization; assistance, supervision and control

Goals to hit through concrete interventionsincluding: support for schools in strengthening the training component on health and safety of the Pathways for transversal skills and orientation (PCTO); qualification of compulsory training in training courses financed by the Region aimed at the unemployed and the unemployed and in job benefits for job seekers; activation of a extraordinary plan of literacy to the Italian language as a condition for immigrant workers, often young and with an uncertain knowledge of the Italian language, to understand their rights and duties, the organizational contexts and the risks associated with them; guarantee of timely implementation of the obligations relating to compulsory training of male and female workers, paying particular attention totrainingto be carried out immediately after entering the work organization and before starting to work.

The activation of new tools against false cooperatives and false srl and theextension of white lists (lists of companies in good standing). In addition to supporting investments in new technologies that can help in accident prevention.

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Necessary to do more checks: hiring new inspectors and forming specific profiles; re-using the resources deriving from the sanctions to finance prevention in the workplace e promoting the creation of joint teams for the supervision of health and safety in the workplace, legality and quality of workwhich coordinates all the subjects in the field, from the supervisory bodies of the health system to the police.

The agreement also plans to set up Provincial tables on health and safety in the workplace. A strategic novelty to implement the shared objectives and actions in all territories and guarantee their homogeneity at the regional level, while at the same time defining specific actions for districts or territorial chains.

Measures that will be strengthened with regard to logistics, agriculture, construction. In particular, the experimentation of fixed inter-force garrisons in strategic sites and districts, for constant inspections and for to prevent organized crime infiltration attempts and illegal hiring phenomena.

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