“In the South, many programs that the Democratic Party does not maintain”

“In the South, many programs that the Democratic Party does not maintain”
“In the South, many programs that the Democratic Party does not maintain”
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Anna Rita Tateo, outgoing deputy and candidate of the League for the Senate in the Puglia plurinominal college. The electoral campaign is now running out and Puglia represents one of the lands considered somewhat anomalous, both for the strength of the 5s in the South and for the regional anomaly that sees them together with the center-left. What result do you expect?
“We expect a winning result from the entire center-right, the united center-right proves to be able to govern this country in the best way.”
The return to the grand coalition puts Lega and Forza Italia on notice of the growing power of Fdi in the center-right. There have also been various tensions between Salvini and Meloni in recent days, so much so that she has urged him to deal more with opponents than with allies. Do you expect a lasting agreement?
“The agreement exists and it is not a question of tensions but of a normal political debate within the center-right, where obviously there are different visions that still have a single objective: to safeguard national policy and the economic policy of citizens and of companies “.
The center-right has a more concise program for midday than that of the opponents. Depends on what?
“I don’t think having a longer program means doing something concrete for the Center-South, quite the contrary. The problem of the South is that for years it has been governed by the center-left, let’s see Puglia and Campania, for example. This area, which could be a force for the whole country, is not valued by the governors of the Democratic Party. It seems absolutely ridiculous to me that Letta is showing off a long program for the South when the Democratic Party has been ruling here for years and does nothing but waste money. And it is obvious ».
Give us an example of all.
“An example that leaps to the eye is that of the Covid hospital wanted in Bari by Michele Emiliano, which has cost the Apulian citizens the beauty of 25 million euros. Not to mention the other waste of the Region. The citizens know this and it will certainly not be the programs that will change reality ».
In your opinion, what should we focus on in Puglia?
«In Puglia we need to focus on the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and on lowering taxes. In Puglia they are the ones who create jobs and make our economy grow. With an adequate policy of decontribution and support we would have nothing to envy to Lombardy and Veneto. The problem is that there is no supportive regional policy. In recent years the companies have been left alone ».
One of the hot topics of the election campaign is that relating to abortion. Meanwhile, the League, precisely with a bill of which she is the first signatory, provides for a close on surrogacy: up to 5 years in prison even for those who practice it abroad. Do you think that in Italy it is necessary to regulate this type of issues differently?
«A rented uterus means considering a woman an object and for me it is abhorrent. It is not a question of a tightening, but of paying greater attention to and regulating these issues as best as possible, also respecting the right to life which is part of our Constitution.

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