Basilicata-Formez Region: agreement for the Ransom program

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By Nino Sangerardi:

The Regional Government has ratified the agreement scheme between the Basilicata Region and Formez PA concerning the REDEMPTION program: Institutional strengthening and support for the competences of local ACTORS ”.

The aims of the project conceived by Formez focus on supporting the Basilicata Region with regard to “the innovation and implementation of governance of training, education and work policies, so that these become increasingly strategic in the context of policies for territorial cohesion “.

Among the specific objectives to be achieved is the completion of “the optimization / raising of the overall qualities of the regional system relating to professional qualifications and qualifications in coordination with national and European standards”; support the management of the Lucanian policy for professional training, education and work in all phases of the life cycle: from planning to evaluation.

The intervention is aimed at managers and officials of the competent Offices such as the Arlab Agency, the Evaluation Unit for project proposals presented in the Single Regional Catalog, the Employment and Apprenticeship Agency, and Intermediate Bodies.

The total sum that the Region will have to pay to Formez PA is 1,500,000.00 euros. Duration of the contract, until November 30, 2023.

The Lucanian regional body with Formez PA has also gained significant experience in previous projects such as “Basilicata Energy Compatibility” and “Strengthening the institutional capacity of public bodies in Basilicata for the protection and enhancement of the environmental and landscape heritage”.

Among other things, the Region has been a member of Formez since 1997, while in 2010 the European Commission DG Employment recognizes Formez PA as an in-house body with respect to the Basilicata Region.

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Formez PA, registered office in Rome, an association under private law attributable to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and participated by the Public Function Department which holds the majority shareholding, is a Center for assistance, studies and training for the modernization of public administrations.

Chairman of the board of directors, since 19 December 2019, Alberto Bonisoli (candidate in the 2018 political elections in the Five Star Movement List at the Chamber of Deputies Collegio Lombardia Milan center, not elected, designated Minister of Cultural Heritage in the Lega Salvini-M5S government chaired by grillino Giuseppe Conte, gross annual remuneration 142,000.00 euros plus reimbursement of expenses up to a maximum limit of 30,000 euros), vice president Secondo Amalfitano gross annual remuneration 71,000 euros, general manager Patrizia Ravaioli gross annual remuneration 170,000.00 euros for the fixed part and 30 thousand euros gross per year for the variable part linked to the result.

Among the members of Formez PA there are Corte dei Conti, Defense and Interior Ministries and Health and Ecological Transition and Environment, the Regions of Puglia and Basilicata and Calabria and Molise and Lombardy and Piedmont and Abruzzo and Sardinia and Sicily, the Municipality of Roma Capitale, Municipality of Grottaglie, Municipality of Livorno, Agency for Digital Italy, Customs Agency of Monopoli, Territorial Cohesion Agency, Special Office for the Reconstruction of L’Aquila, National Tourism Agency, National Agency for Young People, Gargano National Park, etc.

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