Yellow alert in Sicily – the Gazzettino di Gela

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Last hours of heat in Sicily. The most important factor was certainly the strong south-west wind, with gusts reaching 80/90 km / h, especially in the northern Tyrrhenian sector of Trapani and Palermo. As it got warmer it temporarily raised temperatures in the middle of the night, where they reached up to + 32.5 ° C in the Palermo area.

That said, in the next few hours a change of ventilation first to W and then NW, will bring a first thermal drop starting from the western Sicilian sectors. Still peaks up to + 35 / + 36 ° C are recorded in the south-eastern areas, which will be the last to come out of the heat.

By tomorrow, Sunday 18 September 2022, isotherms at an altitude of 850 hPa up to + 11 / + 12 ° C will reach northern Sicily, and with the arrival of these northern winds they will facilitate a further and definitive temperature drop across the island and will sweep away the heat of these days. In fact, the maximum temperatures should not exceed + 27 / + 28 ° C along the coasts, and the minimums around + 20 / + 22 ° C. It will be cool during the night in inland areas and in the mountains.


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