At the Politeama from 22 to 24 September matinee for schools with “Calabria Showcase”

At the Politeama from 22 to 24 September matinee for schools with “Calabria Showcase”
At the Politeama from 22 to 24 September matinee for schools with “Calabria Showcase”
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The project will offer middle schools the opportunity to attend for free the shows scheduled in the morning, designed for the youngest

Published on: 09/17/2022 – 18:24

CATANZARO “Calabria Showcase, a window on the Calabrian theater”, the new project promoted by the Politeama Foundation in collaboration with Primavera dei Teatri and Oscenica, will offer the city’s middle schools the opportunity to attend the shows scheduled for free in the morning, at 11, and designed for the younger audience.
The first appointment is for Thursday 22 September with the TeatroP company – for over forty years a theatrical research and training center based in Calabria – which will present “The Piper Magic” directed by Piero Bonaccurso. A story that comes to life from the union of word, music and design. The text was written in rhyme with the intention of playing with the Italian language and its musicality. The drawings will be performed with the innovative technique of sand art, the art of manipulating and transforming sand into figures.
On Friday 23 September the “Rat Center-Aquarium Theater” will be staged with “What does his majesty do …?” (the true story of the Naked King, that is, the stories are not like everyone tells them) show freely inspired by Gianni Rodari’s “The New Clothes of the Emperor”, by and with Francesco Liuzzi and Rossana Micciulli. For more than 40 years the company has been developing its business through three independent and complementary directions: theater production, the programming of theatrical spaces and events and training.
Finally, Saturday 24 September will be the turn of Teatro della Maruca – an artistic / cultural association that opened the first off theater in the city of Crotone – with “Storie di pezza”: puppets, marionettes, muppets and Chinese shadows tell eight stories that belong to different traditions, distant but parallel universes. A show staged through puppetry, with objects and scenes built and painted by hand by Angelo Gallo.


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