Serie BKT: Parma spreads in Ascoli, Bari hit in Sardinia

Serie BKT: Parma spreads in Ascoli, Bari hit in Sardinia
Serie BKT: Parma spreads in Ascoli, Bari hit in Sardinia
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Today, Saturday 17 September, the Serie BKT day continues. All live on DAZN.

The challenges of Saturday

There are 8 races of the day for the cadet series.

Thanks to Zona Serie B you will not miss anything from all the fields of the Serie BKT evening! Led by Alessandro Iori, Alessandro Budel’s technical commentary.

Ascoli-Parma 1-3

Tutino and Inglese break the deadlock in the first half with two goals. The guests dominate and close it shortly after the hour of play with a wonderful action of Man who, moved to the other front, jumps the defender and slips diagonally left.

The goal of Lungoyi in the final is useless for the hosts. It ends 1-3, Ascoli ko

Cagliari 0-1 Bari

4 victories for the hosts and a draw in the last 5 precedents between Cagliari and Bari. At Unipol Domus a game that promises to be played but the result is not released.

When it seems all over in Sardinia there is Bari’s bang with 10 from the end: the winning goal is from Cheddira, top scorer in the Serie BKT championship.

Como 3-3 Spal

Maistro at the eighth minute, Cutrone 4 turns of the clock later. In the second consecutive match at Sinigaglia for Fabregas’ Como we start immediately with a thousand.

Cutrone again marks with a beautiful diagonal, then again the equal of Spal with Moncini. But that’s not enough: Ioannou, launched by a Fabregas in great spolevero, seems to close the match. But at 93 ‘, with the pride and teeth and quality of Esposito, who invented a wonderful goal at the crossroads, Spal found the final 3-3.

Frosinone-Palermo 1-0

The last match between Frosinone and Palermo dates back to the Serie B playoffs of 2018. In that case the team coached by Moreno Longo at the time overturned the score of the first leg with a 2-0 to Benito Stirpe.

Luca Moro scores the 1-0, the goal that will be decisive for the match.


Reggina-Cittadella 3-0

Sprint start for Filippo Inzaghi’s Reggina, called to obtain another victory in this round against Cittadella. Gagliolo unlocks it in the first half.

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In the second half an unleashed Menez crosses to kiss for Fabbian. Gori closes it, with a liberating goal. It ends 3-0

Sudtirol-Cosenza 1-1

In the last round played at Druso, Südtirol, thanks to Rover’s double from the spot, managed to get the first 3 points of their championship. Rover still unlocks the result today for the Tyrolese who host Davide Dionigi’s Cosenza in a very balanced match.

Kornvig’s great right-footed volley in the 77th minute to put the result on the definitive 1-1.

Venice-Pisa 1-1

Transfer to the lagoon for Pisa that meets Venice in this sixth day of the championship. The last two crosses between these teams ended with a tie score.

The goal that unlocks the game is beautiful, swerved and right under the crossbar of Novakovich. Gliozzi equalized immediately with a nice personal action from the frontline.

In the second half Ionita sent off for the sum of a yellow card, but the defense of Pisa remains. It is parity.

Genoa-Modena (4.15 pm)

Genoa and Modena do not face each other in an official match since a 1-0 at Marassi in 2007. Who will win this time? Follow the BKT Series on DAZN! Commentary by Ricky Buscaglia, technical commentary by Sergio Floccari.

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