Asp of Agrigento, Cimo on the attack: “Anti-union behavior”

Asp of Agrigento, Cimo on the attack: “Anti-union behavior”
Asp of Agrigento, Cimo on the attack: “Anti-union behavior”
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Failure to use holidays and rest periods, exorbitant service hours that do not even remotely comply with the maximum limit allowed by European legislation, service provisions relating to emergency mobility that go well beyond the 30 days in the calendar year provided for by current legislation, failure attribution of managerial positions since 2010. These are some elements of deep unease denounced by the doctors of the ASP of Agrigento, during the trade union assembly of the CIMO which took place yesterday at the headquarters of the Agrigento Medical Association.

“With regard to these issues, CIMO, together with other trade unions, requested an urgent discussion from the company management, which nevertheless took about 10 days to respond and took another 15 days to declare itself“ available ”for discussion. Evidently the concept of “urgency” at the ASP in Agrigento is completely relative “- affirm Giuseppe Bonsignore (CIMO regional secretary) and Riccardo Spampinato (regional president of the CIMO-FESMED Federation) -. Prof. Marzio Scheggi, President of Health Management and CIMO Consultant, one of the leading national experts in health legislation who (after having examined the paychecks of many doctors from Agrigento in recent weeks), declared: ” the ASP of Agrigento has completely ignored the application of the ‘new’ CCNL “, the one signed on 19 December 2019 with clear and sometimes significant economic damage for the doctors of the ASP directed by Commissioner Mario Zappia. “CIMO has already started the procedures to bring a legal action to protect its members – underline the two union leaders – and have them recover the stolen goods”. Furthermore, it is worth noting the regrettable fact that the CIMO Company Secretary, Dr. Rosetta Vaccaro, was not allowed to participate in the CIMO Members’ Meeting of the ASP in Agrigento.

“It is a fact of unprecedented gravity – thundered Bonsignore and Spampinato – to have effectively prevented a union leader from carrying out his institutional role. A fundamental right enshrined in the Workers’ Statute was infringed, a right that concerns all the employees of the Company but in particular the trade union representatives. It almost seems that there is a persecutory behavior towards our Trade Union Manager since today is the latest in a series of denials relating to holidays or leave, even for carrying out medical examinations, which Dr. Vaccaro suffers, every time with laughable reasons, but today it was the classic straw that broke the camel’s back and that is why we immediately gave a mandate to our lawyer to file a complaint against all the subjects who for various reasons were responsible for these unacceptable behaviors “.

In the meantime, just yesterday, at CIMO’s request, the Labor Inspectorate finally intervened which, should it ascertain the numerous irregularities we have reported, could only heavily sanction the ASP with consequent (and perhaps significant) damage to the tax authorities of which someone will have to answer sooner or later. It is not excluded that in the face of the constant harassment to which the doctors of Agrigento are subjected, CIMO may bring a claim for compensation for the damage caused to them, now deprived of their own social life and of the fundamental rights provided for by precise laws.

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