Grandfather Severino from Campania to Tu Si Que Vales

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Nonno Severino became Grandfather of Italy

He was born in Herculaneum in 1929 and is a star on social media: his name is Grandfather Severino and during the lockdown, with the complicity of his son and wife, he started making videos on social media.


While Italy, in 2020, was losing hundreds and hundreds of elderly people every day, Nonno Severino became a virtual grandfather for those who could not have their grandparents closer.

In the first episode of You are Que Vales aired yesterday, Nonno Severino participated with his wife to show his videos to the public.

To the judges who asked him what the secret of a lasting marriage is, he replied: love yourself.

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Graduated in Creative Writing at Rai in Rome, she became a Publicist Journalist in 2015. In 2016 she was Consultant for the “Campania Actor Studio” project of the Campania Shopping Center and in the same year she taught Creative Writing to high school students as part of the Linked project. In. You become Chief Executive Officer of Corriere Ce in the spring of 2017. Chief Executive Officer of Corriere CE (Order of Journalists of Campania n.161347)

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