Esmen Tetra 2018 Calabria Igp, Tenuta del Travale: a red not to be missed

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Esmen Tetra Terra del Travale

The only thing that doesn’t add up is the name of the wines, Esmen Tetra, «We are four» in Greek: Raffaella Ciardullo, her husband Nicola Piluso and her daughters Matilde and Carlotta. Oh well the other even less memorable: Eleuteria, that is happiness. A very frequent commercial error in the South where Latin and Greek are used for the choice of names for wines. That said, we are faced with a real bomb, a wine of absolute, extraordinary elegance, obtained from two Sicilian grapes, Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio still present in Southern Calabria. Here we are instead in the north, on the Sila, an estate of just over two hectares managed organically in full respect of the environment. Let’s try this fine and elegant red, but rich and complex, in the last dish of the lunch at Gambero Rosso di Marina di Gioiosa Ionica on an amazing Calabrian caciucco. Wine that is born at 500 meters, fresh, Mediterranean.

Via Travale 13
Tel. 393 715 0240
Hectares: 2 owned
Oenologist: Emiliano Felsini

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