‘Carlo Lovari’ Trophy: Umana Reyer Venezia-Bertram Derthona

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First fluid quarter in attack for Bertram Derthona, who after the initial actions becomes familiar with the game finding fast transition baskets that allow her to reach the double-digit margin and keep it up to 10 ‘(11-23). In the second half, Harper’s six consecutive points update the Juventus maximum advantage (11-29), before Reyer begins her comeback, built on defensive growth and offensive unity. The run-up of the team coached by De Raffaele is completed with Freeman’s triple, which is equal to 35 of the interval.

Upon returning from the locker rooms, some offensive gusts from Venice are worth the overtaking, even if the Bertram – led by Candi – remains in contact in the score. Five points by Frreman at the end of the fourth give Umana the maximum advantage (55-48 at 30 ‘). A 0-11 Juventus, made of precision in shooting from outside, at the start of the last period concretizes the counter-pass (55-59), before the opponent’s break signed again by Freeman. This leads to another final sprint, the second consecutive for Derthona in the ‘Carlo Lovari’ Trophy: the Lions put their heads back ahead with Severini’s triple (74-76) 49 seconds from the end. After the baskets of Granger and Christon, to decide the challenge is the tap-in of Watt, to which Filloy is unable to respond at the end. Venice wins 79-78.

Like this coach Marco Ramondino at the end of the race: “It was a game in which our boys were good, despite the difficulty and tiredness, at making plays that led the challenge in our direction. Today we found the physical and mental energy to level up from a technical point of view when the match was favorable to Venice. There have been times when our level of execution, offensive and defensive, is not what we should have at this point, but we expected it given the last period we lived. We take the positive things of these two days and come away with some ideas for the technical work of the next period“.

Human Reyer Venezia-Bertram Derthona 79-78
Partial (11-23, 35-35, 55-48)



Venice: Sima 2, Granger 11, Freeman 22, Chillo, Parks 13, De Nicolao 5, Brooks 4, Minincleri ne, Willis 6, Tessitori ne, Watt 16. Att. De Raffaele
Derthona: Christon 12, Errica ne, Candi 9, Tandia ne, Filloy 6, Severini 8, Harper 21, Daum 5, Cain 4, Radoševi? 8, Filoni 5. All. Ramondino

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