The Weather in Sicily, bad weather arrives but the heat resists – FORECASTS – BlogSicilia

The Weather in Sicily, bad weather arrives but the heat resists – FORECASTS – BlogSicilia
The Weather in Sicily, bad weather arrives but the heat resists – FORECASTS – BlogSicilia
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Bad weather arrives in Sicily with a lot of yellow alert in seven provinces of the island. This is the weather forecast for Saturday 17 September.

Some showers are expected between Trapanese and Palermitano, more isolated rainfall also in the Messina area. Still warm temperatures, Scirocco winds rotating to the North-East

Yellow alert in seven provinces and adverse weather conditions

The yellow alert extends for today and will affect 7 provinces. The only ones excluded will be Syracuse and Ragusa. Thunderstorms forecast with precipitation from

From isolated to scattered, even with a reverse or temporal character, on the central-western and north-eastern sectors, with cumulative quantities from weak to punctually moderate. Aeolian Islands: Very cloudy sky in the first part of the day with precipitation or short thunderstorms, with a tendency to subsequent improvement “.

The civil protection notice number 22259 also indicates adverse weather conditions “from the late morning of tomorrow, Saturday 17 September 2022, and for the following 9-12 hours, strong to stormy winds are expected, from the western quadrants, especially archipelagos of the Egadi and Aeolian Islands “.

The seas are indicated rough and agitated. We read: “All the western basins were very moved, up to the southern Tyrrhenian Sea in the evening; the Ionian tends to be very rough “.

The heat resists

Rain and thunderstorms will not bring temperatures down too much. It will generally stay warm throughout. Maximum expected between 28 and 36 degrees.

Expected 30 degrees in Agrigento, 31 in Caltanissetta, 36 in Catania, 28 in Enna, 33 in Messina, 32 in Palermo, 33 in Ragusa, 32 in Syracuse, 29 in Trapani.

In the rest of Italy

North: Autumn climate with thunderstorms, rains and Bora winds in the northeast. Unstable in Lombardy and eastern Liguria. Diffuse thermal drop.

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Center: Autumn bad weather conditions in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. Irregularly cloudy elsewhere, but windy. Falling temperatures.

Rest of the South: The anticyclone gives way and the weather worsens on Campania and Calabria with showers at times thunderstorms. Irregularly cloudy skies elsewhere.

For Sunday 18 September temperatures drop

The perturbation moves towards the Balkans bringing a gradual improvement in the weather except for some variability with occasional rain showers. Temperatures in sharp decline with maximums up to 24-27 ° C. Moderate to strong winds from the North with gusts up to 50-70km / h. Sea from very rough to rough.

North: The pressure is increasing, but the weather will be decidedly autumnal. Sunny weather except for some scattered clouds. Falling temperatures.

Center: A largely sunny day, the sky will be clear or with more clouds only over Sardinia. Rather cold minimum temperatures.

Rest of the South: On Sunday, cold northerly winds cause a significant drop in maximum temperatures, but the weather will be sunny.

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