Massacre Padule di Fucecchio, commemoration in Monsummano with president and councilor

Massacre Padule di Fucecchio, commemoration in Monsummano with president and councilor
Massacre Padule di Fucecchio, commemoration in Monsummano with president and councilor
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A moment of the commemoration in the church of Monsummano Terme

At dawn on 23 August 1944 the Nazi-Fascists massacred 174 civilians, including many infants and the elderly, in the Fucecchio Marshes in the municipalities of Monsummano Terme, Larciano, Ponte Buggianese, Cerreto Guidi and Fucecchio. These families are part of the painful list of the 4461 people murdered in Tuscany by Nazi-Fascism. The president of the Region reminded them this morning in Monsummano Terme who, together with the councilor for the culture of memory, recalled the massacre of the Fucecchio Marshes by participating in the ceremony that took place inside the church due to bad weather. The president he underlined the importance of memory and its relevance.

“In memory – explained the president of Tuscany – there is no rhetoric, but present. Just think of the war in Ukraine, and see how much we still have to fortify ourselves in the name of the values ​​that were born precisely from those martyrs victims of Nazi-Fascism. Values ​​that inspired our Constitution, which were a founding part of it ”. The president recalled the atrocity of the massacre of the Padule, the brutality of the pursuit of women, children, defenseless people, chased to death in the Padule, without respite. “Man’s wickedness can come to this – he continued -. But we must not lose hope, trust in the human being. And memory is also used for this, to look at the future with a different perspective. The scenes of 78 years ago we must have visible, the suffering of children, overwhelmed by death during the game. The thought of all this is excruciating and painful, but it is a duty ”. And the president also remembers Stazzema and all the killings in Tuscany, the region that, together with Emilia Romagna, has experienced the most. “It is memory – he concludes – that recalls the values ​​that make our Tuscany a free, supportive and anti-fascist land”.

Previous stepped in the councilor for the culture of memory “I want to thank the mayor of Monsummano terme – he said -, the associations present, the municipalities with their and their representatives and banners for participating in this morning’s commemoration. For a Region that has in its coat of arms the winged Pegasus which was the symbol of the Tuscan committee of national liberation, remembering is, all the more reason, a duty, especially now, that the survivors and survivors are leaving us. And then, as in a sort of generational relay, we must protect and know how to transmit the values ​​of resistance and anti-fascism, the principles of our Constitution, starting from the schools. In the face of the scarring, a few days ago, of the plaque in memory of Tina Anselmi, in the face of the squad’s assault on the national headquarters of the CGIL, in the face of the discrimination that still persists in our society, we must be ‘partisans and partisans’, and not turn the other way “.
The councilor recalled the precursor started with the municipalities that were the scene of Nazi-fascist massacres with which the Region is signing a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the commitment to memory and create synergies. “The first signatory municipalities and the Region signed it in Sant’Anna di Stazzema- explained the councilor-. I thank the municipality of Monsummano for having promptly joined and I also invite the other municipalities to do so because creating a network is important, precisely for that generational relay of memory that we have the duty to keep alive “

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