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Little champions and little champions grow up. They are the girls and boys of the baseball he was born in softball Emilia-Romagna veterans from Youth World Series played in August in United States.

A very prestigious result for the very young and very young athletes of the Little League Baseball and of Little League Softball Emilia-Romagnathe two teams took the field in their respective tournaments a Williamsportin Pennsylvania, the first, ea Greenville in North Carolina the second.

The teams – under 12 and under 13 categories – were received in the Region: a plaque was given to players, players and representatives of the teams.

It was since 1979 that an Italian youth baseball team had not achieved a similar result by qualifying for what can be considered the world championship of its category.

Even from the president of the Region comes the compliments to the teams: it is a goal to be proud of, which honors all the Emilia-Romagna sport and which demonstrates that there are no minor or major disciplines but only the desire to commit themselves with passion and tenacity, especially among the youngest, in addition to undoubted competitive skills.

The young athletes come from all over Emilia-Romagna. What took place in August was the first edition of the World Series after the break imposed by the pandemic. The pass for the United States came at the end of a long and demanding journey that saw the two Emilian-Romagna teams win the tournament of the Italian Regions it’s a European tournament.

The ceremony was attended by the head of the political secretariat of the Presidency of the Region, Milva Rossi, regional vice president of Coni, girls, boys and managers of Little League Baseball and Little League Softball Emilia-Romagna. With them, Edmondo Squarzantiregional president of the Italian softball baseball federation, Vincenzo Mignola And Barbara Zuellifederal councilors, Loredana Auletta responsible for Little League Italy.


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