the Procura of Ancona opens an investigation for manslaughter

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The Prosecutor of Ancona has opened an investigation for manslaughter, the Codacons: “Tragedy announced”

Posted on: 09-17-2022 22:57


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Salt to 11 the tragic bulletin with the number of dead offlood in Marche. The figure is updated with the discovery of the lifeless body of another missing person.

Flood in the Marche, the number of dead rises to 11

The moment in which the first news on the Marche floods spoke of “possible missing” is very far away, but in the last 72 hours we have seen the numbers and updates chasing each other in an increasingly tragic bulletin.

The localities of Barbara, Ripe, Trecastelli, Ostra, Senigallia, Arcevia, Sassoferrato and the Esino valley, veterans of “a night of terror” as defined by Fabrizio Curciohead of the Civil Protection, are still in the mud and water.

Photo Source: ANSA

Flood in the Marche: the search for the missing

Bad weather does not subside. While the searches continue for the little Mattia, 8 years old, and for Brunella Chiù, 56, the11th victim.

The Prosecutor’s Office opens an investigation for manslaughter

To present a complaint to the Procura of Ancona, which has already opened an investigation, is the Codaconswhich speaks of “omission of official acts” and “concurrence in manslaughter“.

The association also turned to the Court of Auditors “to ascertain the responsibility of local institutions and bodies. We are facing a disaster announced and for years we have been denouncing the absence in Italy of a plan for the prevention of hydrogeological instability and the failure to use funds for structural interventions in terms of securing the territory ”.

The first estimates

Fabrizio Curcio signed the ordinance for the first urgent interventions with the allocation of 5 million euros.


At the same time, the president of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli was appointed commissioner delegate. The displaced families will be allocated between 400 and 900 euros and the suspension of mortgages.

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In Camerino, the Municipality made a first estimate for 10 million euros in damages.

The Pope also spoke about the flood in the Marches during a statement issued to ‘Il Mattino’: “The climate challenge deserves the same attention as Covid and war”.


Photo Source: ANSA

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