The hunt is back, shotguns are back to firing: “A vademecum to defend yourself”

The hunt is back, shotguns are back to firing: “A vademecum to defend yourself”
The hunt is back, shotguns are back to firing: “A vademecum to defend yourself”
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Tomorrow morning in almost all of Italy the shotguns will return to shoot, to kill animals, but also men and children, and also this year the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment opens its anti-hunting phone which will be active on the number 3479269949 starting tomorrow 18 September 2022 and until the closing of the hunt.

AIDAA also provides a vademecum of rules to counter the presence of hunters, who bully as they are think they can invade the funds and land of others and shoot a few meters from the houses. We legally oppose them and will oppose them until this practice is prohibited.

Here is the anti-hunting vademecum.
1) Hunting is forbidden for a distance of 100 meters from houses, factories, buildings used as workplaces, it is also forbidden to shoot in the direction of the same from a distance of less than 150 meters. Lhunting is also prohibited for a distance of 50 meters from roads (including unpaved municipal ones) and from railways and also in this case it is forbidden to shoot at a distance of less than 150 meters.
2) Hunting in funds where there is the presence of livestock or agricultural machinery in operation is allowed only at a distance greater than one hundred meters from the herd or flock or herd.
3) Hunters are prohibited from carrying hunting weapons that are not unloaded and in custody at the entrance to inhabited centers or from areas where hunting is prohibited on board vehicles of any type and on days when hunting is prohibited .
4) It is forbidden to hunt with nets, traps, leghold traps, mistletoe, lures and poisoned morsels, laces, bows, crossbows, cages. Furthermore, Tuesdays and Fridays are days of absolute hunting silence. Finally, hunting is allowed from one hour before sunrise, until sunset. In the dark it is absolutely forbidden to hunt.
5) It is forbidden to hunt in the snow-covered plains, frozen ponds and lakes, flooded lands, private gardens, public parks, inhabited centers, areas used for sports, parks and nature reserves, oases, repopulation areas, state-owned forests.
6) There is a ban on the entry of hunting dogs in the land cultivated with rice, soy, tobacco and vegetables. The use of dogs is allowed in a maximum number of two per hunter. Hunting is forbidden in rambling form on orchards, vineyards until the date of harvest, rice, soybean and seed corn crops. Furthermore, article 672 of the penal code “Omitted custody and mismanagement of animals” punishes those who leave free, or fail to guard with due caution, dangerous animals owned by them.
7) The introduction of hunters into gardens and appurtenances of civil dwellings even if not fenced are considered for the criminal condice VIOLATION OF DOMICILE therefore hunters who exceed this limit are punished pursuant to article 614 of the penal code.
8) If a hunter, as often happens, kills or injures pets or poultry animals, he is punished under article 630 of the penal code. While anyone who distributes poisoned morsels, causing death or intoxication of pets and poultry, is punished pursuant to article 727 of the penal code.
9) Art. 703 of the Criminal Code “Dangerous ignitions and explosions” penalizes those who shoot with firearms in an inhabited place or in its vicinity or along a public road or in the direction of it.
10) The supervision of the application of hunting laws (Article 27 L.157 / 92) is entrusted to: hunting guards of the Province, Carabinieri, State Forestry Corps, State Police, Financial Police, Municipal Police, Voluntary Guards hunting of environmental and hunting associations. and in the event of a violation of one of the above rules, it is possible to file a criminal complaint with both the police and the public prosecutor’s office.

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