The painful shoulder: in Umbria almost 2 thousand new cases a year

The painful shoulder: in Umbria almost 2 thousand new cases a year
The painful shoulder: in Umbria almost 2 thousand new cases a year
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It was discussed in a conference at the Hotel Giò in Perugia

(UNWEB) Perugia. In the first half of 2022, 709 diagnoses and 419 surgical interventions related to painful shoulder pathologies have already been carried out in the accredited structures

Perugia, 17 September 2022 – In Umbria in the first half of 2022, 709 diagnoses and 419 surgeries related to painful shoulder pathologies have already been carried out at the accredited facilities; in 2021 there were 1,437 diagnoses and 806 interventions. It is an extremely frequent condition and represents the second cause of absence from the workplace, after low back pain, causing not only pain, both acute and chronic, but also difficulty in movement and functional limitations of the limb. It affects people of any age (especially in the range between 45 and 65 years) and social background, with a prevalence of female sex. These are some of the data that emerged in the conference entitled “The painful shoulder: from diagnosis to therapy” – which took place on Saturday 17 September at the Hotel Giò in Perugia and which saw the presence of 24 speakers (from all over the region) and over 200 participants – where aspects related to the diagnosis and conservative therapeutic treatments, both pharmacological and physiotherapeutic, infiltrative and surgical of the painful shoulder were treated.

“This conference – explains Dr. Alessandro Beccarini, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of the motor system and scientific manager of the initiative – was commissioned by the Italian Society of Shoulder Surgery which decided to transmit what it has learned in these 30 years of its life, in particular on the painful shoulder, where there have been notable transformations in the knowledge, learning, diagnosis and treatment of this pathology. The objectives of this conference are many, starting from bringing together the various professional figures, from doctors of general medicine up to the specialists with all the other figures in the middle such as physiotherapists, radiologists and anesthetists, who in some way have to do with the painful shoulder. patients often in difficulty because they do not know who to turn to. The conference aims to underline that Umbria la spal it can be cured. We have excellent professionals and structures in the area – concludes Dr. Beccarini – that can provide an answer to this type of pathology “.

The tools available for a precise classification of the patient and for an adequate diagnosis are represented by an accurate medical history and a correct objective examination, based on the wise use and interpretation of numerous functional tests. The use of instrumental tests, now more and more sophisticated, must not lead to neglect a careful clinical evaluation but must serve only as a summary and confirmation of a diagnosis, or at least of a diagnostic suspicion, both already obtained.

This monothematic course addressed the specific treatment of the most frequent shoulder pathologies, taking into consideration the criteria for the choice of treatment, the indications for infiltrative treatment and the techniques and physiokinesitherapy related to surgical treatment. All enriched by two interactive sessions to put into practice the theoretical topics covered.


The aim of the conference was to offer the tools to reduce the inconvenience, waste of time and costs that a patient with shoulder pain must face, an ever-present reality that the recent pandemic has significantly increased.

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The training event, aimed at a plurality of professional figures, was promoted by Dr. Alessandro Beccarini and received the patronage of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Terni, of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Perugia, of the USL Umbria 1, the USL Umbria 2, the University of Perugia and the Umbria Region.

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