Rural and forest areas of Calabria, 11 million from the RDP

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The funds are intended to finance the projects of 78 municipalities

More than 11 million from the RDP to finance infrastructure investments. The final rankings relating to the two public notices of measure 4.3.1 of the Rural Development Program, valid for the year 2021, addressed – respectively – to Calabrian municipalities with a population of less than or equal to 5000 inhabitants are available on the portal and to municipalities with larger populations. The budget was initially set at 2 million for each of the two calls.

However, given the high number of support applications received, the Department and Regional Councilorship for Agriculture have decided to increase the share allocated to small municipalities, taking it from 2 to 9,217,168.30 euros.

Thanks to these new resources, the 78 applications in ranking A will be financed, pertaining to projects presented by public bodies that have never been recipients of contributions relating to the 4.3.1 RDP intervention. On the other hand, with respect to the call for municipalities with populations over 5,000 inhabitants, whose financial endowment remains fixed at 2 million, both the 6 projects eligible for ranking A will be financed (presented by municipalities that have never benefited from the intervention 4.3.1 ), and the 7 projects in ranking B (presented by municipalities that had already benefited from the resources allocated through intervention 4.3.1), for a total cost of 1,545,962.25 euros.

To underline, in this regard, the efforts made to find the sums necessary to finance the applications found to be admissible and to protect the expectations of the Municipalities also ensuring them the possibility of using – for the same purposes – savings and auction discounts Not only: on indication by the Councilor Gianluca Gallo, in the Cittadella work is already underway to find other resources to support a further call for tenders – the publication of which should take place in the coming weeks – to offer a new opportunity to the very few municipalities whose requests have remained without coverage.

In the meantime, through the funds already assigned, the beneficiary bodies will be able to proceed with the improvement and strengthening of the basic infrastructures at the service of the agricultural world. Specifically, it will be possible to build or secure interpoderal or forest roads and forest paths for vehicles, as well as to put a hand to the electrification of agricultural and forest areas, often at high risk of depopulation.


The investments in question will also be aimed at connecting to the asphalted public road system, as well as facilitating silvicultural operations, the management of forest surfaces and the creation of green infrastructures, ancillary works for the mitigation of the impacts generated by the same interventions.

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Gianluca Gallo


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