AIR TRUMPET between Tortora and Praia a Mare, there are DAMAGES

AIR TRUMPET between Tortora and Praia a Mare, there are DAMAGES
AIR TRUMPET between Tortora and Praia a Mare, there are DAMAGES
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Bad weather has affected Italy

While the conditions weather forecast appear improving in these hoursit should be specified that in the first part of the day there were several sectors affected by the instability, in particular the northeast and the lower Tyrrhenian side (except for the Sicily) as well as some other areas of the boot. The bad weather was responsible, as we shall see in this editorial, also for some damage. Climate far from summer in the north and much of the center due to the descent of a cold front that will affect practically the entire peninsula by tomorrow Sunday 18 September.

General stability in Italy next hours

The conditions of bad weather which for several days have been affecting our Peninsula, sometimes causing particularly considerable damage, as in the well-known and sad case of the Marche, they are definitively abandoning theItaly, in favor of the entry of currents that are cooler, but also drier. Conditions weather forecast which in the evening will therefore return generally stable, with a climate that is anything but summer.

Bad weather on the upper Tyrrhenian side, tornado between Tortora and Praia a Mare

Among the various sectors of our Peninsula involved in the bad weather in the first half of today’s day the high is shown Calabria Tyrrhenian, where, however, a weather warning issued by the Civil Protection issued yesterday was in force today. Bad weather locally, even intensely, affected these sectors, with accumulations reaching up to 20 millimeters. Also, a whirlwind would hit between Turtledove And Praia a Mare, in Cosenza, causing various damages, as we will see in the next paragraph.


Damage to homes, cars and bathing establishments

According to what we learn from the site “”The whirlwind phenomenon would have caused various damages, in particular a Turtledove, where the biggest expense is the bathing establishment near Piazza Stella Maris, almost destroyed. Several damages were then recorded to cars and some houses: the residents of the houses in the vicinity of which the whirlwind passed communicate that they initially mistaken it for an earthquake. The phenomenon would have originated in the sea and then move to the mainland gaining strength. Fortunately, however, it seems there are no injuries and / or victims of the incident.


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