In Salento the largest animal cemetery in Italy: there is the project

In Salento the largest animal cemetery in Italy: there is the project
In Salento the largest animal cemetery in Italy: there is the project
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It will be born in Salento the largest animal cemetery in Italy. The rainbow bridge? It is located in the Santa Teresa area in the territory of Sannicola. An Indian legend has it that the animals, once their life is over, they fly over the rainbow bridge where they can run free and happy among fresh grass and trees. And between fresh grass and many splendid trees, the “Graveyard pets ”, thanks to the idea and will of the entrepreneur Giuseppe Coppola. A cemetery that in every single point of the project conveys respect, consideration and love for animals.

The project

The structure was presented in the Coppola Winery in Gallipoli: it is the first cemetery for pets in Salento and the second example, to date, in all of Puglia. It will be the largest structure in Italy – 9 thousand burials -, so far the primacy has been held by Milan with 5 thousand. The presentation was attended by the mayor of Sannicola, Cosimo Piccione, the president of the Province of Lecce, Stefano Minerva as well as the designers Gabriella Bardi and Carlo Leo and Dr. Antonio D’Argento director of the veterinary clinic of Salento which is based in Taviano.

The project was born from an idea of ​​Giuseppe Coppola – sole director of the company Niccolò Coppola srl ​​- motivated by the conviction that those who choose coexistence with a pet more and more often also want to have a place where they can remember it. It will be built in Santa Teresa, on a land of over 56 thousand square meters, purchased by the engineer Niccolò Coppola in the 1940s, which the Coppola family has handed down for three generations and which after the “xilella disaster”, decided to convert into a structure ethics and public utility.

In addition to the cemetery equipment, the area will host a park for “agility dogs, about three thousand square meters wide, equipped with 21 fixed wooden stations for dog agility competitions. The mayor of Sannicola Cosimo Piccione embraced the proposal right from the start, he too in full awareness of a growing sensitivity now matured in the field of animal protection.

“There is now a common feeling – says Coppola – rooted in many citizens. Sharing a journey of one’s life with an animal is an experience of unconditional love that teaches the sense of care and respect for the spaces and needs of the other and strengthens patience while giving moments of happiness. Often the detachment from the faithful “friend of the heart” is a difficult event to face. Having a place to remember them, giving a worthy burial, can certainly make the separation easier ».


The mayor of Gallipoli and President of the Province Stefano Minerva speaks of “pride in carrying out the initiative” who has promised his interest. And on the importance of having a cemetery where to bury one’s “furry ones”, the Silver Doctor also spoke and told about some of his experiences in this regard. The cemetery provides burials for any kind of companion animal.

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