Lazio Women, new sponsor on jerseys. Enrico Lotito: “Important partnership for our company”

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Lazio Women today presented the new main sponsor on jerseys. Enrico Lotito was also present at the event.

New sponsor on the Lazio Women jerseys. Starting from the next game, the logo will stand out on the uniforms of the eagles Pewex, a well-known supermarket chain in the region. Today the presentation in Formello, in the presence of some representatives of the food distribution company together with the General Manager of Lazio Women, Enrico Lotito and the captain of Lazio Women Antonietta Castiello.

This is the report of the event, with the statements of the protagonists, reported on the official website of the biancoceleste club:

On Friday afternoon, at the press room of the Formello Sports Center, the presentation of the new biancoceleste sponsor took place who, from Lazio-Brescia until the end of the season, will find space on the left sleeve of the Lazio Women shirt. Through this partnership, SS Lazio and Pewex inaugurate a partnership that will develop through various social and professional training initiatives, thus offering new life to activities in support of raising awareness of the issue concerning the female universe in the world of work, as highlighted by the Head of Pewex communication Giorgia Rampietti: “In our company there is great attention to female figures who also cover many top positions”.

In this sense, during the event a special professional training activity was announced that will allow Arianna Pezzotti, through the delivery of a scholarship, to participate in a training course for the director of large commercial areas: ” I thank Pewex for this opportunity, this testifies to the attention for the post-career of us athletes – commented the biancoceleste midfielder who then commented – it will be an experience of growth for me and I can’t wait to start “.

On the sidelines of the event, moreover, the General Manager of Lazio Women, the Men’s Spring and the Youth Sector Enrico Lotito declared: “This is an important partnership which once again testifies to the ever-increasing attention of the Company towards social and professional character “.

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The Pewex sales manager Sante Cetorelli was also visibly satisfied: “I thank the General Manager Enrico Lotito for this sponsorship agreement, our company has always shown attention to women’s football and social issues”.

Lazio Women captain Antonietta Castiello finally concluded: “For us players it is an honor to have a brand like Pewex on our sleeve, which has always been attentive to the needs of the female universe”.



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