MotoGP 2022. Aragon GP. Marc Marquez: “- MotoGP

MotoGP 2022. Aragon GP. Marc Marquez: “- MotoGP
MotoGP 2022. Aragon GP. Marc Marquez: “- MotoGP
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After yesterday’s excellent performance, Marc got 13th in qualifying, after also crashing: “Today’s performance is more real: this is the world championship, everyone is very strong. The goal for the race is just to do kilometers, to accumulate laps, hoping to have a decent pace ”

September 17, 2022

TOlcaniz – As we had already seen in recent days, it is a Marc Marquez very serene. But also aware of his current state of form.

“I said yesterday that, sooner or later, a fall would come: it’s part of the job. Even in Misano I had already lost it, but this time I couldn’t control it. But beyond that, I believe it was a good day for us, because in the afternoon I felt good, I was fast and I was fluid on the bike. On the contrary, in the morning, as had happened yesterday, I was not in place, I was not at ease: luckily the race is at 2 pm. I am quite confident “

What kind of race do you expect and what is the goal?

“I think today we saw the reality of my current level. I know that expectations are always very high, but yesterday I said that I had no chance of getting on the podium: I know what reality is, what my strength is. We are in the world championship, the level is very high. For tomorrow the goal is to reach the finish line, to make laps. I’ll try to do my best, be it tenth or eleventh, or ninth even better, it doesn’t matter: I know what my limit is “

How do you deal with a GP psychologically after four operations?

“You have to be realistic, without being too illusory: I would like to win too, but you have to be clear about what you can do”

It is an important race for the title: how do you see it?


“There are two races in one: there is the GP of three riders who can escape, which are Bastianini, Bagnaia and Quartararo, then a group of riders with a very similar pace. I hope to have a good start and I hope to have an acceptable pace to stay in the middle, without forgetting that I haven’t done a whole race for four months “

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Do you have pain in your arm?

“More than pain, it is a nuisance, but the important thing is that it is under control. I am doing musculature. An important aspect is that when I fell I didn’t think about the arm at all, which was the case before. It is all more natural. I have not lost confidence, there is no pain “

Are you working for 2023?

“We need to improve, me as a physical form and the Honda as a bike”

The article is in Italian


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