New Aid decree, how the 150 euro bonus works for workers, self-employed and retired people

New Aid decree, how the 150 euro bonus works for workers, self-employed and retired people
New Aid decree, how the 150 euro bonus works for workers, self-employed and retired people
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A bonus one-off from 150 euros for those with an income of less than 20 thousand euros gross. That is to say 22 million of people including employees, retirees and self-employed workers. With self-declaration. This is the measure decided by the Draghi government in the new Aid decree instead of increasing the audience for the social bonus by widening the threshold Isee. And it follows the one from 200 euros launched with Aid decree bis, but with a small audience. It will arrive directly in the paycheck of November. And the temporary workers, those of the show business and citizenship income earners. With the chance to replicate it also a December, according to what was explained yesterday during the press conference by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco. But the decision will be up to the next government.

The self-declaration in November

The bonus 150 euros from November it will arrive in payslips through employers: it will be necessary self-declaration by the worker. It will not constitute income for tax purposes and for the payment of social security and welfare benefits. According to draft of the Aid Ter decree the indemnity will also be recognized to workers affected by events with full notional contribution coverage from INPS. And to retirees along with others categories of subjects with effect from 1 October and personal income tax not exceeding 20 thousand euros for the 2021. And to domestic workers, to those who receive agricultural unemployment benefits,, PhD students and fellows. In addition to workers in the sports sector, seasonal workers to those with a fixed-term or intermittent contract, to those in the entertainment industry. But for all these categories the threshold of the 20 thousand euros.

In the draft it is written that the bonus will also go to the families benefiting from the Basic income. And to these are added the self-employed. Always with a threshold below i 20 thousand euros. And to the holders of social allowances or pensions or even civil disability and pension accompanying treatments. The effective date is 1 October 2022. From the calculation of income, we read in the draft, they are excluded the severance indemnitiesthe income of the dwelling house and the arrears of competences subject to separate taxationto. The decree also establishes the recovery of undue benefits related to the income verification campaign relating to tax periods 2020. And to the checks relating to the tax period 2019 and started by December 31, 2023.

The extension of the transport bonus

The new decree also decides the extension of the transport bonus from 60 euros, already in force since September 1st. The Fund created with the first Aid decree has increased by 10 million euros for the year 2022. The voucherrecognized for people with an annual income of less than 35 thousand euros, can be requested until December. Confirmed the reduction of excise duties on diesel, petrol, LPG and gas for motor vehicles until the end of November, to be made operational with a ministerial decree. There is also a tax credit for small and medium-sized businesses. Until the September 30th with the mechanism of 25% for energy-intensive companies and del 15% for others with consumption greater than 16.4 MW. For October and November there will be a strengthening.

The thresholds will be del 25% for energy-intensive companies and del 40% for those they consume gas. The decree provides for state guarantees on loans to businesses and liquidity crises. With agreements to be made with banks for the rate, in line with the yield of Btp. The aid decree ter also allocates 100 million for road haulage companies. And about 190 million, in the form of a tax credit, to support agricultural, fishing and agromechanics companies. With interventions to reduce the costs of agricultural diesel, transport and greenhouse power. The tax credit is equal to 20% of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of fuel made in the fourth calendar quarter ofyear 2022.

Aid to cinema, sport and the third sector

For theatrical, concert and cinema halls they arrive 40 million euros. To start again with a decree of the Ministry of Culture. And 400 million for the National Health Service. They will be used for the increases in the hospital sector, of the Rsa and private structures. They amount to 50 million non-repayable grants for amateur sports associations and clubs. But also for those who manage sports facilities and swimming pools. Here, too, the distribution is entrusted to a delegated decree. Which will establish within 30 days from the publication of the decree in Official Gazette the admission and control criteria. Finally, a fund of 120 million year for entities that manage disability services.

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