Sampdoria, Osti confirms Giampaolo: “With Monza there will be” –

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“Marco Giampaolo will certainly still be on the bench at the second half against Monza. Maybe he won’t be sitting there because he’s disqualified, but we’ll see if a day is taken away from him. “So Carlo Osti, on Sky Sport, sweeps away the rumors about the coach.” The numbers are pitiless, but let’s also evaluate today’s performance . The team created some chances against a good team like Spezia, then you can make a lot of evaluations. You can’t concede a goal after just a few seconds, but these are evaluations that we will then make. There will be a discussion with the coach, the team and the club, we will make the evaluations internally ”.

Osti does not hide the problems: “Now let’s see how we will arrive in January and what scenarios there will also be from a corporate point of view. Winks has played little for now and we hope to see him back on the pitch after the break. Clear that the team has shortcomings, but tonight’s game must be read in a different way. We have always had good performances against teams that have made us play more, we struggle more against man-shaped teams like tonight, we can’t come back and understand certain situations, but these are technical evaluations that we will do with the coach. The boys gave everything, it’s a burning defeat because it was a delicate match, let’s go on like this and we’ll make some evaluations internally ”.

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