“We do not seek consensus where there is no legality”

“We do not seek consensus where there is no legality”
“We do not seek consensus where there is no legality”
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REGGIO CALABRIA In Piazza Duomo in Reggio Calabria, alongside the national secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Readthere were also the Minister of Health and Pierluigi Bersani.
Roberto Hope, during his speech he immediately appeals to those who do not want to vote. “Too many people are convinced that it is not worth going to the polls because they are convinced that nothing changes. We have to explain to these people who we are and that the game is still open, with our good arguments. Lon the right he announces that differentiated autonomy will be applied to the first Council of Ministers. It would mean – underlines Speranza – splitting the country, it means that the tax money paid has remained in the place where it is paid. A district of Milan pays more taxes than the entire province of Naples and probably more than the whole of Calabria: if this tax system were to pass, there would no longer be the unity of Italy ”.
The Minister of Health is betting on iinfrastructure, school and health. “We have to say that we are the ones who fight for rights, in defense of fundamental public goods that cannot be contracted out for profit. We are the defenders of school, health, the rights to treatment, health. We are the ones who defend health professionals and our teachers who need to be treated better, in line with other major European countries“.
“We are those in the workplace, who fight against precariousness, against those 30-day contracts in which the 29th you still don’t know if you will work the next day. We are environmentalists, the environment is not a distant issue from us and we have seen it in the past few hours with what happened in the Marche. We are those of rights – underlines Speranza – and we have seen what the right in the US are capable of with Trump, a reference by Salvini and Meloni: with a stroke of the pen he canceled 50 years of women’s rights. And we will defend the law 194 on abortion ».
With respect to economic issues, the Minister of Health sends the idea of ​​the flat tax back to the sender: “You can’t make a nurse, a rider and a billionaire pay the same rate, because the benefits will end up where there are greater interests. The right takes votes in the weaker classes by putting the last against the penultimate and implements policies in favor of the strong ».
In conclusion, the call to vote. “With courage And humility we have to go into the houses in these last seven days and say who we are. We are those of school and public health, of rights, of the environment ».

Bersani: “We do not seek consensus where there is no legality.”

“The south must defend itself, if the south defends itself, it defends Italy”. “We are the ones who founded our democracy, we put together forces that do not seek consensus where one is not sure of legality.” These are the two most important concepts expressed by Pierluigi Bersani, in the subsequent intervention from Piazza Duomo in Reggio Calabria.
“In this election campaign – says the former secretary of the Democratic Party – the right has started at a disadvantage but we are recovering. And they are for two reasons. The first is that after giving them for three years, they “piled up” in a week. We with all limits, we have provided a political response, we present a list organized by the Democratic Party with socialists and Catholics. The second element for which the right has taken the lead is the refrain according to which “after we all tried, let’s try it too”. For this reason we must not underestimate the element of distrust ».
Bersani also touches on economic issues. “The right wants to introduce the single personal income tax rate, it is the design they enjoy to reassure the rich. With differentiated autonomy, everyone will have their own health care school supported by local taxes. In Calabria the per capita income is 17 thousand euros, in Lombardy double. I’m here to tell the South that it must defend itself, because if it defends itself, it defends the country. I’m here – continues Bersani – to say that we are for the minimum wage, against pirate employment contracts. “They” want to abolish citizenship income, reintroduce vouchers. And they include among the themes the demagogy that works in the north, the flat tax, the single rate ».
Pierluigi Bersani also recalls the key points on which to focus in the conclusion of the election campaign. “We are the forces of an alternative project that rests on an axiom: too much inequality is the ballast for the country’s economy and democracy. The columns of equality must be re-proposed: dignity of work, progressive taxation, universal welfare, equal citizenship, equal pay for men and women“. ([email protected])

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