Ozieri, to Giuseppe Pintus di Seneghe the 55th edition of the Nightingale of Sardinia

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The singer from Senegal also won the special prize for singing “a s’Otieresa”.

OZIERI. Evening to be framed in Ozieri for Giuseppe Pintus who yesterday took home the “Beata Vergine del Rimedio” cup, winning the 55th edition of the “Nightingale of Sardinia”, the most important singing competition in limba for the cantadores of the Island. In front of a large audience of fans, the artist from Seneghe lined up on the stage, set up in the historic Cantareddu square, Fabio Licheri of Sassari (“Nanneddu Molinu” cup), Giovanni Achenza of Siniscola (cup “Amigos de su Cantigu Sardu Maria Rosa Punzurudu”) e Federico Soggia di Olmedo (cup “Camboni Awards – Barberia da Salvatore”).

Ozieri, Sardinian Nightingale, Giuseppe Pintus

Ozieri, Sardinian Nightingale, Giuseppe Pintus

To make the moment even more unforgettable, however Giuseppe Pintus also the victory of the special prize for singing “to s’Otieresa”And the relative cup offered by Masina Polo. A double affirmation that filled the cantadore Seneghese, who wrote on his Facebook page: «I could not have received greater satisfaction last night. Years and years of sacrifices, hard work, training, blows and the desire to abandon everything, because singing on the guitar is not easy at all. In the end, however, the greatest satisfaction came … I committed myself, I tried to give my best on stage and fate and a bit of luck wanted me to win … The Nightingale of Sardinia 2022 and the award for singing ” a s’Otieresa “”.

During the evening the “Nightingale of Sardinia 2022” Lifetime Achievement Award was also awarded to Torangelo Salis by Macomer.

Satisfied with the success of the event, the association and the company BV del Rimedio who thanked the public – who remained patiently waiting until the end for the final verdict -, Emanuela Sassu for the excellent conduct of the evening, Constantine Doppiu for having masterfully accompanied the cantadores with the guitar, and the families who donated the cups.

The Sardinian Nightingale contest, as usual, was part of the celebrations in honor of the Blessed Virgin of the Remedyfestival now in its 129th edition.

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