Herta case, Rahal tough: “F1 doesn’t want US drivers, it’s just looking for our money”

Herta case, Rahal tough: “F1 doesn’t want US drivers, it’s just looking for our money”
Herta case, Rahal tough: “F1 doesn’t want US drivers, it’s just looking for our money”
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Revolt of the protagonists of IndyCar in defense of their colleague sought by different teams, but unable to get close to AlphaTauri (and others) because he does not have the Super License. Rossi: ”

Mario Salvini


September 17

America rebels. While renderings and suggestions about the Las Vegas GP, the third race that will debut in November 2023, pass on Twitter, the IndyCar drivers join forces and protest, crowding around Colton Herta, their colleague who at this point is becoming a kind of symbol. His name, even if you don’t follow the US open-wheel championship, you will have heard it in recent months. He should have entered the McLaren orbit, with which he has been testing last year. It was optioned together with other names of Indy (Pato O ‘Ward) and not only, but perhaps as a smokescreen, since then, as soon as he had the opportunity, Zak Brown took Oscar Piastri to wear. alongside Lando Norris.

The invective via twitter

But the Herta idea kept bouncing from garage to garage, seemingly destined to stop in AlphaTauri, even with Helmut Marko’s blessing. Apparently, because then the obstacle of the Super License seemed insurmountable. We are talking about a 22-year-old driver who has won 7 of the 63 IndyCar races. Which is the youngest to have won one, a few days before turning 19 (at 18, 11 months and 28 days). And that this year he finished in 10th place, with a victory, at the Indianapolis GP (not to be confused with the 500 Miglia). Graham Rahal lashed out against Formula 1, defending his opponent to protect the whole category. And focusing heavily on nationalism. On Twitter he wrote: “F1 is an elite sport. They don’t want us. Remember this. They want the money of American companies, they want the money of rich Americans. The rest does not matter. It has always been like this and it will always be like this ”.

Colton has the necessary talent

And shortly thereafter, he added: “For those who say that Colton didn’t earn the opportunity: you are off track. He is as talented as and more than the others. He is a certified winner. He made it to the top and did extraordinarily well. F1 has had paying drivers for years that Colton has nothing to envy. These are the facts ”. Conor Daly responded with a meme in which Jack Nicholson and Nicholas Cage applaud, making it clear that they completely agree.


Rossi also protests

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While Alexander Rossi, winner of the 500 Miglia del Centenario and F1 driver for 5 GPs in 2015 with Marussia, added: “I can no longer remain silent. I’m tired of hearing this Super License story. The premise (behind the Super License) is to prevent the first comer, without requirements, from buying a seat in F1. And to make sure that talent prevails. And that’s right. We all agree Colton has the talent and ability to stay in F1. And he should be able to take the opportunity he’s been offered. Motorsport is the highest profile sport in the world where money can overcome and defeat talent. And this is the big problem behind it all ”.

September 17, 2022 – 9:27 pm


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