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The first restaurant of the new restaurant brand TOSCA – L’ARTE DEL GUSTO, a creation of the entrepreneur Pietro Nicastro, was inaugurated in Lastra a Signa, east of Florence, on state road 67 leading to Empoli.known in the sector for having founded the successful Löwengrube franchise with Monica Fantoni, which offers the authentic format of the Bavarian restaurant-brewery, a sort of Oktoberfest permanent.

If Löwengrube was born from the suggestion of a trip to Bavaria to offer an experience in its premises made of music, costumes, furnishings, beer and traditional dishes from beyond the Alps, TOSCA – THE ART OF TASTE was born from love and passion for a land, Tuscany, which for centuries has distinguished itself for its wide food culture. High quality ingredients, excellent beers and wines accompany customers to discover genuine and decisive local flavors.

staff tosca art of taste lastra di signa

A deep bond unites Pietro Nicastro to Tuscany, the land from which his adventure as an entrepreneur began: the first bierstube Löwengrube opened its doors in 2005 in Limite sull’Arno, where it still is and where the company’s offices are also located. , which today has almost 30 points of sale throughout Italy, one of which is abroad.

The undisputed star of the gastronomic offer in the new restaurant is the schiacciataperfect at any time of the day, stuffed with high quality typical Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses: prosciutto, finocchiona, Mortadella di Prato, without forgetting the famous schiaccia with cecina and special versions with local recipes such as inzimino, lampredotto and Florentine tripe.

The offer is wide, with stuffed flatbreads for the little ones and light and quick dishes, to please everyone in a truly tasty break, which ends with the sweetness of Sweets: a selection of desserts based on schiacciata designed ad hoc, such as the one with walnuts, hazelnuts and honey.

The first TOSCA – L’ARTE DEL GUSTO sales point is located inside the sports hall in Lastra a Signa, a symbolic place for the Italian entrepreneur who grew up within those walls. Here, where a very young Pietro Nicastro found in boxing his opportunity for redemption and the vision to become an entrepreneur, 10 resources found work in the new restaurant.

It is therefore no coincidence that TOSCA sees the light in this corner of Tuscany, which was the setting for Pietro Nicastro’s youth, but above all for his first moves in catering.. In fact, it is here that he becomes an entrepreneur when he is still very young, when in 1995 at the age of 19 he opens a pub in Signa, on the outskirts of Florence. Pietro had arrived in Tuscany three years earlier from Sicily, with his prematurely widowed mother and a brother. The first years of adapting to the new context are difficult and Pietro finds in boxing the discipline, the rigor, the values ​​of sport that forge him as a man and which he then pours into his way of being an entrepreneur, thanks to the master coach and great friend Ferdinando Padariso. . A serious motorcycle accident at the age of 18 immobilized him for a whole year in a hospital bed. And it is precisely with the compensation obtained from the insurance following this accident that he decides to become an entrepreneur and open his first restaurant. The rest is history, also told in the book “A life of lions”, written by the journalist Adriano Moraglio for Rubbettino Editore in the series “The beauty of the enterprise”.

Open right in Lastra a Signa – comments Nicastro – it has a sense of value for me because it is the birthplace of my teacher and friend Fernando Padariso who, thanks to boxing, has managed to make me the man and entrepreneur I am today.

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I have a deep bond with this neighborhood and I would like to further qualify it by enhancing the sports area because sport helps to grow and be with others, teaches principles and values, helps to find psycho-physical well-being. I would like him to be an example for many young people.

The new brand is already born as a format that can be replicated through franchising: “thanks to the experience and know-how gained with Löwengrube

continues Nicastro –

with my team now experienced in franchising we are already working on this new idea to create a Tuscan format that can be brought to various parts of Italy and, why not, even abroad. We have already received great appreciation for this new idea from some prestigious partners with whom we have been collaborating for years in Löwengrube, such as AB Inbev, the world leader in beer, which supplies us with Stella Artois and Leffe.

The perfect size for the premises of the new format is around 70 internal square meters, plus any outdoor spaces. The design includes a counter at the entrance that welcomes customers and allows them to take the dishes and drinks and then enjoy them comfortably seated in a large adjacent room. The rooms are characterized by a classic and minimal style and thanks to the use of natural colors and materials such as wood, marble or metal, the structure also celebrates Tuscanity.

The Tosca L’ARTE DEL GUSTO format is highly digitized: monitors are provided from which users can order independently in order to speed up processes and offer an efficient service.

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