Memorial Brusinelli – In the sprint Varese Basketball burns Tezenis Verona

Memorial Brusinelli – In the sprint Varese Basketball burns Tezenis Verona
Memorial Brusinelli – In the sprint Varese Basketball burns Tezenis Verona
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Victory in the final rush for the OpenJobmetis Varese in the opening match of the Memorial Brusinelli in Trento against Tezenis Verona. 84-85 the final score with the Gialloblù who, after closing the first half at +10 (53-43), suffered the comeback of Varese who in the third quarter cleared the gap. Final hard fought, played point by point. Ross’s basket was decisive, while Anderson’s two final attempts went out on the iron.

On Sunday Tezenis will be back on the pitch at 18:00 against the loser of Dolomiti Energia Trentino – Gevi Napoli.

Coach Ramagli still had to do without Selden, on the bench but not used; top scorer Candussi, with 15 points, double-double for Johnson (13 points, 10 rebounds).

Immediately high pace at the BLM Group Arena. The two consecutive triples of Openjobmetis open the match with Tezenis who remains hooked with Smith’s three consecutive points (3-6). Varese escapes, raises the intensity in defense with Caruso who, from below, puts 4 points that are worth 3-11.

Verona relies continuously on Smith (7 points after 7 minutes), Cappelletti puts the first triple and with Johnson approaches up to 21-23, finding good intensity and fluidity in attack.

The tie bears the signature of Candussi (23-23) who shortly after, on the counterattack, crushes the 25-23. Verona extends the partial again (20-6) and with Imbrò fixes the score at the first siren at 27-23.

The match is balanced in the first minutes with Openjobmetis equalizing at 30-30. Holman stars with a spectacular dunk worth 34-32. The percentages in attack are lowered; Rosselli puts the 38-32, but it is here that Varese comes back down with decision (38-37). The race is still running and Tezenis is still going ahead. Johnson is the first player to arrive in double figures, Verona still stretches in the final quarter with the +7 that comes after Udom’s two free throws (50-43). The Gialloblù block the latest assault from Varese, Udom builds a three-point game. The first half ends at 53-43.


Two consecutive triples from Varese open the second half. Verona struggles in attack, wasting four consecutive actions (53-49). The Gialloblù did not realize two other actions, but Varese did the same. It is Smith who interrupts Tezenis’ fast, then Cappelletti finds the basket which is worth 57-52 but Varese’s long-range baskets and the Johnson-Reyes play are worth the draw (59-59). Overtaking Varese was signed by Woldetensae (62-63), ending at 68-68.

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Varese tries to escape. The triples of Brown and Johnson mark the first minutes of the second half with Varese finding the +4. Verona immediately returns below, approaches with Candussi and is confirmed with the triple from Imbrò. It is Candussi himself who finds the basket of the new Gialloblù advantage (79-77) in the partial half. The score stops at 80 all, the last 100 seconds start with Varese ahead of 1 (82-83). 50 seconds from the end Cappelletti is forced to leave the field due to a knee problem; Casarin sets two free throws (84-83) 24 ” from the siren, to which Ross responds (84-85). Anderson’s double attempt, in the final, goes out on the iron. Varese takes the match home.

Tezenis Verona – Openjobmetis Varese 84-85

Tezenis Verona: Smith 14, Cappelletti 9, Selden ne, Holman 4, Ferrari ne, Casarin 3, Johnson 13, Imbrò 10, Candussi 15, Rosselli 7, Anderson 3, Udom 6. All. Ramagli

Openjobmetis Varese: Ross, Woldetensae, De Nicolao, Reyes, Librizzi, Virginio, Ferrero, Brown, Caruso, J. Johnson, Kouassi, Blair. Herds Braise

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