Mourning in the CISL for the death of the secretary of Fai Cisl Romano

Mourning in the CISL for the death of the secretary of Fai Cisl Romano
Mourning in the CISL for the death of the secretary of Fai Cisl Romano
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POTENZA – the secretary general of Fai Cisl Basilicata Giuseppe Romano has disappeared in his Brienza. “We are dismayed by a sudden loss that leaves us dismayed. Giuseppe Romano was a friend even before he was a colleague. With his death, the CISL loses a meek person and a tenacious trade unionist who has made the defense of workers a moral and social imperative ”. These are the first words of the general secretary of the CISL Basilicata Vincenzo Cavallo who shared with Romano a long journey in the federation of agricultural and forestry workers and the food sector of the CISL.

“In his long experience in the Fai Cisl Basilicata – recalls Cavallo -, crowned with the election as general secretary just over a year ago, Giuseppe Romano showed the qualities and temperament of a trade unionist who in his daily commitment was able to to combine the firmness of principles with a social pragmatism constantly oriented towards the emancipation of the working class and the development of its land. In this moment of unspeakable pain, together with the many people who knew him, we cling to his family, wife and children, to share the loss of a good man and to cherish the memory and example of a good trade unionist ” .

59 years old, industrial expert, with Ferrero since 1986, Giuseppe Romano was among the protagonists of the first agreements on flexibility in the Balvano plant that led the confectionery group to double its presence in Basilicata in the 90s. In the Lucanian factory it was also Rsu and Rls. Since 2008 in the regional secretariat of Fai Cisl, he was elected general secretary in 2021 in place of Vincenzo Cavallo. Passionate about rurality and the environment, as well as a staunch supporter of a development model that respects nature and local traditions, Romano was also one of the founders of the association of Lucanian beekeepers and of the association of producers and gatherers of undergrowth fruits.

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