felled trees, uncovered roofs. Damage in Val Vibrata PHOTO

felled trees, uncovered roofs. Damage in Val Vibrata PHOTO
felled trees, uncovered roofs. Damage in Val Vibrata PHOTO
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Teramo. Afternoon of great work for the firefighters of the provincial command engaged in at least 30 interventions due to the evident effects of the wind storm that lashed a large part of the province of Aprutino and in particular on the coastal area and in the north.

The interventions were mainly carried out for the removal of fallen or unsafe elements, such as trees, branches, street lamps, signs, tents, building elements such as roofing, antennas and chimneys.

To provide an effective response to the emergency in progressall the firefighters in operational service were engaged, both at the headquarters and in the detachments of Roseto degli Abruzzi and Nereto, and free shift personnel were also called back to service.

In particular, the firefighters of the Teramo Command intervened in via Michetti in Alba Adriatica, to secure a roof from which the covering sheath has detached with some parts that have fallen into the street. From an apartment on the fourth floor of an apartment building in via Cellini in Tortoreto a canopy fell off and crashed into a parked car near the building. The firefighters of the Roseto degli Abruzzi detachment worked to remove a large tree that had fallen on the SS80 at Villa Volpe di Giulianova which caused traffic to be blocked in both directions.

The Neret Firefightersor they intervened to remove a large pine which, when it fell, leaned against an apartment building in via Italico in Martinsicuro and a crumbling roof and chimney from buildings in the street D’Annunzio in Martinsicuro. Several interventions carried out to remove trees, including tall trees, which have fallen to the ground due to the force of the wind.

Colonnella. A 54-year-old woman was injured in San Giovanni in the afternoon after being hit in the head by a curtain that broke off a balcony due to the wind. The woman was rescued and transported to the Sant’Omero hospital for a slight head injury.

The fall of trees on municipal, provincial and state roads resulted in the temporary closure to vehicular traffic pending the completion of the cutting and removal operations.

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In particular, ANAS closed the SP259 to traffic in the stretch between the roundabout on the SS16 and the roundabout leading to the “Val Vibrata” motorway exit due to the presence of many unsafe trees on the sides of the road. At the moment the situation is normalizing, although interventions for the removal of unsafe elements are still underway and about forty requests for intervention awaiting to be answered remain to be answered.

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