austerity, the shadow of 1973 – Libero Quotidiano

austerity, the shadow of 1973 – Libero Quotidiano
austerity, the shadow of 1973 – Libero Quotidiano
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Giancarlo Mazzuca

September 17, 2022

When, in the seventies, Indro Montanelli invited the Italians to vote DC by “holding their noses”, he was well aware of what, in particular, the Christian Democrat Rumor had done at Palazzo Chigi to overcome the oil storm (and not only) which, in following the war of Kippur, it had invested the beautiful country.

That executive, Mariano’s fourth, did not last long but still managed to face the crisis at 360 degrees in order to mitigate the dizzying increases in oil prices. Many interventions were launched, starting with the ban on driving on Sundays, the very famous “Sundays on foot” that blocked all our weekend trips.

Among other anti-shock measures, public lighting was reduced by 40 percent, cinemas and theaters were subjected to early closing at 11pm, shops were forced to lower their shutters at 7pm. Italians first, Rai anticipated all evening programs by half an hour, starting with Tg1 which, since then, has always started at 8 pm.

Of course, even useless measures were launched, the fact remains that the package of measures was effective unlike what is happening in the year of grace 2022: today we continue to debate a lot on the subject but effective measures are in vain.


This is why it would be appropriate to remember what we did almost half a century ago considering that, to re-read the chronicles of that time, now the same curfew climate recurs: it looks like an encore of that very black season of 1973. Even the general scenario appears the same: we are grappling with the war in Ukraine that follows closely the very long period of the pandemic while at that time the conflict in the Middle East had broken out immediately after the long summer of cholera.

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Considering the many points in common between the two emergencies, one would therefore wonder: do we have a new rumor today? For the moment we have one more problem: the fact, that is, that a resigned executive like that of Draghi, despite the efforts of Super Mario and the aid already launched, is no longer able to seriously face such an emergency. The hope, at this point, is that the vote of September 25 will dispel the current uncertainties: the government that will come, whatever the new premier will be, will still have to be able to adopt drastic measures and not simple palliatives because the alarm of these months is likely to make us walk the whole week. Not just on Sundays.

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