Shadows of harassment in the Senate, Picierno-Calenda clash over Richetti: “Patriarchal attitude, be ashamed”. “You exploit”

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The aftermath and the controversy on the case of the shadows continue harassment to the Senate which involved the parliamentarian of Action Matteo Richetti. In the morning it was the senator himself who replied to the accusations made by the interviewed woman with her face covered by Fanpage: “All made up, they are false messages and artifacts. I have already denounced ”, she declared, defining the woman as a“ person with poor balance“. But the political confrontation continues. To make known the name of the senator involved (not mentioned in the report of Fanpage) had been the leader of Action himself Carlo Calenda, who immediately took his candidate’s defense. A position that did not go down to the MEP of the Democratic Party Pina Picierno.

“Today Calenda woke up and spread the lawsuit that Richetti presented to the woman who accuses him of harassment calling her ‘a deranged’. An attitude reprehensible and patriarchal pointing to victimize the woman and to acquit the alleged harasser ”, writes Picierno on Twitter. The answer of the founder of Action it was not long in coming. “No Pina, I defended one respectable person attached with aanonymous interview. A person who has been a victim of stalking who denounced while he was not denounced “, replies Calenda who goes on the counterattack:” You are simply exploiting all this not to defend women, but to take votes ”. The social question and answer ends with the rejoinder of the MEP Pd: “As always, the alleged abusers are good people and the alleged victims are deranged lunatics. Carlo, be ashamed“, Comments Pina Picierno.

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Richetti and the shadow of harassment in the Senate: “All made up, they are false messages and artifacts that they then attributed to me. I have already reported “


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