Ten Apulians for the title of Miss Italy – Chronicle – A window always open on Bitonto

Ten Apulians for the title of Miss Italy – Chronicle – A window always open on Bitonto
Ten Apulians for the title of Miss Italy – Chronicle – A window always open on Bitonto
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The national pre-finals of Miss Italia, the famous beauty contest of patron Patrizia Mirigliani, now in its 83rd edition, are starting.

Ten girls from all over Puglia and winners of the regional bands assigned in the long tour developed by the regional exclusivist Carmen Martorana Eventi starting from May, a few weeks after winning the long-dreamed mandate, will try to snatch the ticket for the final.

They will compete for the only place reserved for the Heel of Italy:

Rosanna Carlucci, 21 years old from Bari, student of psychological sciences and techniques, nominated Miss Kissimo Biancaluna in the stage of Rutigliano on 10 July;

Anna Pia Masciaveo, 22 years old from Cerignola, in charge of cash management in a supermarket, awarded as Miss Sorriso in the Spinazzola final on 30 July;

Martina Lupo, 18-year-old from Cerignola, student of Administration, Finance and Marketing and crowned Miss Elegance by Miss Italy in office Zeudi Di Palma on 7 August in Mattinata;

Simona Frascaria, 20 year-old from San Nicandro Garganico, student of sports and exercise sciences and Italian champion of aerial gymnastics, winner of the Miss Miluna final on 9 August in Ordona;

Nicole Pentrelli, 21 year old from Toritto, student of the Academy of Fine Arts with a specialization in Cinema and Photography who received the Miss Cinema sash in Bisceglie on 12 August from Zeudi Di Palma;

Giorgia Polimeno, 18 year old from Sogliano Cavour, student of the scientific high school who became Miss Rocchetta Beauty on the evening of August 20 in front of the castle of Barletta;

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Fabiana Leuci, 18-year-old from Bisceglie, student of a technical school in the tourism sector who from the stage of 30 August in Quasano is Miss Sport Givova;

Elisabetta Lelario, 23 years old from Barletta, student of Languages ​​and Cultures for tourism and international mediation with the hobby of singing and acting that a technical commission wanted as Miss Social for her reel of tourism promotion created for the Miss Italia initiative tells about Italy;

Federica Todisco, 30 years old from Cellino San Marco, management engineer and business analyst who on 11 September received the Miss Castel del Monte sash assigned a week earlier to Andria but left free by Miss Puglia;

Isabella Lapenna, 21 years old from Palo del Colle, student of Languages ​​and Cultures for tourism and international mediation, winner of the most coveted title of Miss Italia Puglia in the Giovinazzo final which saw showgirl Matilde Brandi as godmother and the actors Emilio as guests Solfrizzi and Antonio Stornaiolo.

The 10 Apulians will be in Fano, in the Marche region, from 16 to 18 September and will be guests of spectacular and worldly events but will also be subjected to the evaluation of a technical commission composed of a journalist, a psychotherapist, an actor, a surgeon, by an athlete and a stylist.

On Sunday evening the verdict will be announced who of the beauties proposed by Carmen Martorana Eventi will represent Puglia and will try to become Miss Italy.

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