Let’s clean the world, for 30 years in defense of the environment: the initiatives in Tuscany for 2022

Let’s clean the world, for 30 years in defense of the environment: the initiatives in Tuscany for 2022
Let’s clean the world, for 30 years in defense of the environment: the initiatives in Tuscany for 2022
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September 17, 2022 – 17:40

Key appointments from 30 September to 2 October. The motto of the 30th edition will be For a climate of peace

from Ivana Zuliani

Young and old, Italians and foreigners, local administrators, entrepreneurs and students: together, armed with gloves, pliers and respect for the planet, they clean rivers, gardens, woods and roads, from plastic and abandoned waste. He also returns to Tuscanywith the patronage of the Region, Let’s Clean the World the Legambiente campaign that for thirty years has called for volunteers from all over Italy to take part to clean up public spaces from decay. The key appointments will be from 30 September to 2 October, but the initiatives will continue throughout the month of October and beyond. This year the campaign focuses on social and climate justice by focusing on the value of communities, advocates of a society that promotes peace and respect for diversity, rejecting all forms of violence, hatred and discrimination; hence the motto of the thirtieth edition: “For a climate of peace”.

In Tuscany, over 100 municipalities join “an exceptional fact, which allows us to look at the spread of ecological awareness with a certain hope in the future” comments Fausto Ferruzza, president of Legambiente Toscana.
In the Piana Lucchese 15 initiatives will be organized from 30 September to 9 Octoberfrom Lammari to Gragnano, from Parezzana to the capital, from Castelvecchio di Compito to Marlia, from Guamo to San Pietro to Marcigliano.

TO Pistoia on 30 September the students of the Galileo Galilei school will clean the gardens of Villaggio Belvedere and the Puccini Park, on 2 October, however, in collaboration with the Il Sole association, there will be a day dedicated to inclusiveness.

On 22 October a Bagno a Ripoli the pupils of the Teresa Mattei Comprehensive Institute and of the Vittorino da Feltre and Sandro Pertini elementary schools will clean the green area between Bagno a Ripoli and the Sorgane district in Florence starting from their school complexes and walking through fields and wooded areas.

Neitherthe Arezzo area The scenery of Puliamo il Mondo will be the natural reserve of Ponte a Buriano on October 9th. TO Lucignano the average pupils on 30 September will first be engaged in the waste collection activity in the area and then involved in an environmental education path carried out in collaboration with the urban hygiene service Sei Toscana Srl. In Pisa on 1 October an activity is planned waste collection center at the Bufalina canal, between Vecchiano and Torre del lago, and on 2 October on Lungarno Guadalongo, in Calci, on 2 October, a cleaning campaign will be organized in Piazza Garibaldi with workshops on recycling and an exhibition of objects in pottery entitled “La Pace”.

On September 30, appointment to schools in Bientina and Santa Maria a Monte and on 2 October in the area of ​​the Padule di Bientina. In Borgo a Mozzano the children of the comprehensive school on 30 September will dedicate themselves to cleaning the courtyards of their respective schools and the areas adjacent to the school complexes. On the same day, the students of the schools of Barberino Val d’Elsa will also be engaged in the collection of waste. On 1 October the campaign will affect the public parking in via Da Vinci, in Barberino, on 2 October the municipality of Greve in Chianti.

In Versilia the initiative will be on September 30th, in the dock in Viareggio, in Grosseto on 6 October along the hydrographic auction of the San Leopoldo outlet: here the cleaning will not concern the banks and also the watercourse thanks to the use of kayaks. In Pitigliano on September 30 the protagonists will be the boys of the Umberto I Institute, in Manciano on October 4 50 school children who will clean the Mazzini Public Park. On 3 October cleaning also in Capoliveri on the Island of Elba. The scheduled appointments can be consulted on the website www.puliamoilmondo.it

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September 17, 2022 | 17:40


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