Civic engagement militants attacked in Naples. In Milan paint on the PD and Italia viva banquets

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Supporters of Luigi Di Maio attacked and the party gazebo destroyed. It happens in Naples, where the foreign minister told of an attack suffered by some members of Civic engagement. “Civic Commitment boys beaten and gazebo destroyed, violence no”, Di Maio writes on Instagram, referring to an attack suffered by young militants of his party in via Duomo in Naples. “There is a limit to everything. The insults and the climate of hatred in this election campaign are exceeding all limits. In the face of physical attacks – says Di Maio – there is no justification ”. The attack took place in the morning, after a walk by the leader of the Civic Commitment in the streets of the historic center. The boys have been tear off the shirts.

In Milan, however, some electoral banquets of Italy alive and the Democratic Party were hit by a launch of eggs full of blue paint. The first in piazza Wagner the second in via Papiniano, where two weeks ago, also on a Saturday, a banquet of FdI. “After Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia, today it was the turn of Italia Viva and us. In this electoral campaign we are experiencing a despicable climate of violence and arrogance “, commented the Milanese coordinator dem Silvia Roggiani.
“A serious episode” they wrote on the social networks of Italy Long live Milan. Around 11 “our banquet in Piazza Wagner in Milan – explains the party of Matteo Renzi – was hit with eggs full of blue paint thrown by two girls on bicycles with their faces covered shouting: ‘you are all the same, you sucked’.

Similar what happened to the Democratic Party. “This morning in Viale Papiniano at the corner of Via Ausonio two girls and a boy with his face covered riding their bicycles pulled at our volunteers, shouting insults and”never with the Democratic Party“, of the eggs filled with blue and white paint”Explained Roggiani who expressed solidarity with Italia Viva. “Politics – he concluded – is made up of initiatives, proposals, different opinions and comparisons. Never from violence

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