Football: Cagliari falls for the first time at home against Bari – Sardinia

Football: Cagliari falls for the first time at home against Bari – Sardinia
Football: Cagliari falls for the first time at home against Bari – Sardinia
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Cheddira’s decisive goal, Pavoletti’s post in the final

Bari stops Cagliari’s race: third victory for the Apulians away and first defeat, 0-1, for the rossoblu at the Domus. Cheddira’s goal was decisive in the 22nd minute of the second half. Then, with the guests in ten for the expulsion of Pucino, Liverani’s team nearly equalized with a header from Pavoletti from a cross from Deiola but ended up on the post.
Cagliari, with the second defeat of the championship, sees the top go away even overtaken by Bari. Now the stop of the championship to try to reflect and understand what did not go well. Compared to Cagliari in the latest matches, a team held back by the fear of Bari’s counterattacks. In the first half the rossoblu tried to lead the game, but without ever creating danger at the opponent’s goal. Perhaps also due to a too slow circulation of the ball and a certain difficulty in attacking the spaces, however well guarded by Bari. Up to the interval, some situation misused with poor precision in the last passage, especially with Nandez and Viola.
In the second half the pace did not change. Except that fear became a goal from Cheddira on a badly read restart on the right wing by Zappa and Goldaniga. Shortly before, Liverani had tried to do something more up front with the insertions of Pavoletti and Luvumbo. Much confusion also in the reaction, with Cagliari not able to take advantage of the numerical superiority. The only shot on target ended up on the post.
A defeat to reflect: Cagliari perhaps paid too much caution in the first half. In addition, a relapse has been added to the old mistakes at the beginning of the tournament in the defensive phase after two matches without goals in the passive.

LIVERANI, A BURNING DEFEAT – First defeat at home. And Liverani analyzes the reasons for the defeat: “It’s a defeat that burns a lot. Balanced game – he said – but we made a lot of mistakes in the last twenty meters: we missed technically by making too many passes wrong. The singles did not finalize the game we played. L “The organization is fine, but we didn’t live up to our qualities there. We arrived well, but we couldn’t find the right match. The team played yes, but we were neither shrewd nor bad”. The coach looks to the future: “We have to find some alternatives to fill more the opposing area we fill. Unfortunately I had read the concerns right beforehand: we paid dearly for an episode. I said, I have visions during the week and these visions have become reality: you had to be very careful about their restart. The warning? I asked to review the action for a possible touch of the hand, but obviously with Fourneau I am not lucky. It is also true that little has been played for wasting time “. The reaction? “Too much confusion – he said – in the end everyone wanted to solve it personally. But instead we risked equalizing by playing two touches. Now we just have to work: we have two weeks to do this”.


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