Bad weather

Bad weather
Bad weather
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The activity of the Umbria Alpine and Speleological Rescue continues without interruption in support of the population affected by the bad weather emergency.

From the evening of Thursday 15 to today, over 15 Sasu teams made up of technicians, operators and health workers from all over the region who have worked between the municipalities of Pietralunga and Scheggia – Pascelupo have taken turns.

Initially Sasu technicians, operators and health workers were employed as support for the Civil Protection of the Umbria Region and the Municipalities to bring relief and supplies of basic necessities to the mountain hamlets affected by the flood and no longer reachable by ordinary means.

After the first phase relating to the rescue activities, the Sasu teams were employed to support the populations for the emptying of the mud of the houses, mapping of landslides and removal of fallen trees in the streets

Over 50 interventions carried out in the affected areas for a total deployment of over 40 Sasu rescuers.

Today a gorge team and one with the Mobile Coordination Center, equipped with technological equipment for the search of missing persons, were sent to support the Alpine and Speleological Rescue Marche.


In addition to the support interventions to the Civil Protection of the Umbria Region, yesterday the Sasu carried out two search and rescue interventions.

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The first for a person missing near the Stroncone meadows, while the second intervention was carried out near Monteluco di Spoleto for a person caught ill.

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