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Sicily 2022 regional elections: facsimile of the ballot paper and voting instructions

The facsimile of the ballot paper is online in the information section dedicated to regional elections.
Regional elections in Sicily will be held Sunday 25 September in conjunction with the policies: here is the facsimile of the ballot paper that will be delivered to the voters.
The polling stations that will remain open from 07:00 until 23:00. In total there are six candidates for president of the Sicilian Region running in these Sicilian elections.
The facsimile relates to the seats in the province of Palermowith the ballot paper that changes from province to province depending on the lists that are presented.
The electoral law of regional elections in Sicily was amended in 2014, when it was decided that the number of elected deputies rose from 90 to 70. It provides for the preference vote and a majority award of seven deputies, including the elected President , to the list of the most voted candidate.
In addition to the seat assigned to the second most voted presidential candidate, the remaining 62 deputies are elected through the provincial lists where Separate voting is allowed.
As there is no ballot, the candidate capable of taking even one more vote than his opponents will be elected President.

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