LIVE Lovari Trophy | Germani Brescia vs Segafredo Bologna, 2nd quarter 18 ‘

LIVE Lovari Trophy | Germani Brescia vs Segafredo Bologna, 2nd quarter 18 ‘
LIVE Lovari Trophy | Germani Brescia vs Segafredo Bologna, 2nd quarter 18 ‘
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Second day of the Lovari Trophy in Lucca, quadrangular that with the finalists Reyer Venezia and Bertram Derthona sees Germani Brescia vs Virtus Segafredo Bologna on the field at 17:30 with the third place at stake in the final standings.


Yesterday’s results:
Germani Brescia – Umana Reyer Venezia 79-83 (link recap)
Virtus Segafredo Bologna – Bertram Yachts Derthona Tortona 76-83 dts (link recap).

Germani Brescia, led by coach Alessandro Magro, will be without Tommaso Laquintana and Nicola Akele due to a slight muscle strain. On the other side the Virtus Bologna, led by deputy Andrea Diana while head Sergio Scariolo lives in Berlin on the eve of the final of the European 2022 at the head of Spain. Isaia Cordinier, who had made a spectacular flight falling on Bertram’s Filoni in an attempt to dunk, continued the game, and the clubs did not issue any reports about injuries.

1Q – Ismael Bako, Jordan Mickey and Virtus Bologna have a more decisive approach to the match. With Lundberg’s triple you get to 0-7 with 8’20 “. Bako adds a penetration and with 7’46” coach Magro stops the game at 0-9. We start again with the triples of Weems and Della Valle 3-12 with 7’00 “. Cordinier adds two. Germani has difficulty in scoring, Della Valle makes another triple but Bologna is firm in the lead. At 5 ‘we are 8 -19. Then it’s up to Ojeleye to score from three points. Della Valle closes a counterattack with 2’48 “10-24. Virtus more and more on the ball, even if the pace is slightly lower than yesterday’s races. Caupain with 1’30 “puts another triple, Odiase repeats himself, but Ruzzier’s assist for Belinelli (+1) is worth 15-31 with 30”. Della Valle responds with a four-point game, and on 10 ‘we are 19-31.

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2Q – Two from Della Valle and three from Belinelli: warm start of the fourth. Caupain takes two free throws, Della Valle and with 8’03 “Ojeleye with a 2 + 1 make 25-37. Still Della Valle 3/3 in the line and Odiase for a 5-0 which serves Diana a timeout. Odiase adds us four points, interspersed with Cordinier’s triple and followed by Lundberg’s. It is always Odiase who is a thorn in the side of the Bianconeri with 5’36 “is 1/2 to free for 35-43. Weems also struggles in the line 0/2, Cournooh better 1/2, Mickey 1/2 in a very fragmented phase of the game 36-44. Back to the actions: Lundberg counterattack, Massenburg and Mickey do it, Tanfoglio three from corner 41-48 with 3’00 “. Virtus timeout.

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