Sicily, medical executives flee from the emergency room: the Ugl Salute plan

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THE Sicilian medical executives run away from First Aid on the island. There are countless emergency departments that have to face emergencies with many difficulties due to the scarcity of health personnel. There Ugl Salute Sicilyapprehensive about the situation, he asks for the mobilization of regional and national policy to find a quick solution to the problem.

We understand that today, between the energy and economic crisis, the endemic implications of Covid and many other significant criticalities, daily healthcare has passed beyond the second floor, but those like us who are in the area can only highlight the drama that the white coats who work in the emergency rooms and citizens who, unfortunately, need to use this service – affirm the regional secretary Carmelo Urzì and the adjunct Raffaele Lanteri -. In recent years in Sicily, among retirees and deceased, in particular due to Covid, there are hundreds of doctors who have escaped from the system who have been replaced even for 20% of the empty places. Almost all of the new grafts have chosen to work in specialized departments other than emergency rooms, which is why it is urgent to hire new units to replenish the latter. Personnel that, of course, is not there due to the age-old history of the number that has never been ‘programmed’ in the university faculties of medicine and, therefore, cannot be resolved quickly. In our opinion, a simple law would be enough to reintroduce the figure of the medical assistant – say the representatives of Ugl Salute Sicilia -. A real ‘training on the job’ for young people still in training, who could thus reinforce the ranks of the emergency room by going to help the doctors on duty. In this way, fresh forces would be put into service, which would ‘make their bones’ giving breath to those who are heroically carrying out what has become a real mission today. We therefore ask politics to make up this battle of principle, to guarantee the Sicilians even more efficient and effective health care – Urzì and Lanteri conclude -, also supporting the work of doctors who are in the trenches every day to fight to guarantee the right to health“.

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