Caracciolo: “The road reconstruction project is due solely to the Puglia Region”

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No hand placed by the Municipality of Barletta, if not the project developed by the Technical Offices; therefore no electoral promise kept as someone has attributed the credit to himself, for which the Mayor of Barletta would do well to tell the truth to the citizens and not to mystify the reality», Thus the Regional and Municipal Councilor (PD), Filippo Caraccioloat the opening of the press conference organized this morning, at the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Barletta, to present the regional project “Strada X Strada”, which involved 257 Apulian municipalities, included in the Extraordinary Regional Program for Maintenance and Safety of the Streets of the Municipalities.

In fact, on Wednesday 21 September, the works for the reconstruction of the city road surface will finally start: these interventions have been made possible thanks to the funding of over 100 million euros allocated by the Puglia Region, of which 1.64 million for Barletta and will affect 25 roads . “It is a totally regional project that restores urban safety and decorum; the municipalities had expressed a need for these works, but did not have enough funds in their coffers, so the regional councilors, especially those of the Democratic Party, took up this need, and proposed it to the Piedmontese Councilor, who was able to raise a hundred million for these projects“. The roads in question are:

Via Pappalettere, from via III Novembre to Piazza Federico di Svevia; via Bovio, from via Canne to via Carducci, including perpendicular road and via Benedetto Paolillo from via Scelza to via Paolillo closed; via Giuliani, with a stretch of via Fugazzola, intersection with via Bellini; via Vitrani, from intersection via d’Aragona to intersection via Libertà; via Sernia, from via Rizzitelli to via Chieffi; via Vespucci, from via Regina Elena to via Trani; via Foggia, from number 30 to the intersection of via Dei Fornai; via Trani, from intersection via Misericordia to intersection via III novembre, via Cavour and via d’Asburgo; Corso Garibaldi, from Piazza Caduti to the intersection via Imbriani; via Leonardo da Vinci, from the intersection via Palmitessa to the beginning of via Alvisi, the intersection over the railway.

It was also an opportunity to denounce various issues for which the oppositions accuse the municipal administration of Cannito of not being up to par and of giving space to superficiality. The citizen secretary of the PD, the city councilor Rosa Cascellainsists on the question of Piazza Marina, as already reported in recent weeks, referring to the complaint raised at the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage, for the replacement of paving stones covered by asphalt: “The Superintendence has assured that in that area there is always a need for authorization and they will urge the Administration to present a project for the restoration of the paving stones, because the fact that they had not been there for a while does not mean that there are no have ever been and should never be restored“.


Also present were some city councilors, belonging to other opposition groups, close to the PD group, in particular, the former candidate for mayor, the councilor Santa Betwho first of all denounced the deterioration of the Parco dell’Umanità playground in 167, showing some photographs: “There is no question of how to regulate maintenance and controls, we need to discipline them“, He also commented on the situation regarding the Sole Director of Bar.SA, Michele Cianci:”We are worried about the repercussions it could have on situations that are already as delicate as that of the Bar.SA at this time“.

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For La Scommegna, it is time to put their hand to a new design capacity, promising “fight against approximation”, Already the slogan of his electoral campaign. The meeting took place in the room in Via Milano 1, dedicated to the memory of the late former city secretary, Franco Ferrarawho died prematurely in recent weeks and which is linked to that place recalling his presence, so constant in the past for the Barletta club.


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