These 3 places are located in Lombardy where you can spend a dream weekend

These 3 places are located in Lombardy where you can spend a dream weekend
These 3 places are located in Lombardy where you can spend a dream weekend
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There is still a few weeks to devote to trips outside the city, if time permits. A few rains during the week might discourage us, but the general weather is still quite favorable. So why not take the opportunity to take a tour nearby and explore the beauties that surround us?

Each region has lesser known places that could steal our hearts and leave us breathless. From North to South, Italy never ceases to amaze us with its architectural and landscape wonders. Today we will see some suggestions of places to visit in the beautiful region of Lombardy. More or less tourist destinations easily accessible by train or car.

Not only Milan and Como, the most loved by foreigners

The cosmopolitan charm of Milan and the luxurious one of the beautiful Como are certainly very popular. These two very different cities attract many tourists from all over the world, it is true. But there are other equally characteristic and fascinating places, such as the Orrido di Nesso. Not everyone knows this magical place that between canyons and waterfalls leaves us breathless. Or the splendid city of Mantua, built around 3 lakes where you can admire the Palazzo Ducale. Coming from the San Giorgio Bridge by car, a beautiful postcard view opens up in front of you.

These 3 places are located in Lombardy where you can spend a dream weekend

Moving to another province, that of Pavia, we find beautiful towns all around. An example is certainly Mortara, part of the Lomellina area and founded by the Celts. Known for the production of goose salami, it is also a place rich in history and culture. The Basilica of San Lorenzo in Lombard Gothic style is wonderful to visit absolutely with the Abbey of Sant’Albino. The numerous green areas where you can spend a weekend between art and play are also an obligatory stop. In September there is no shortage of events, such as the goose salami festival or the patronal-parish festival.

Then heading to Brescia and the province, there are many places that we could visit. Montichiari, for example, which between religious and civil architecture is really a little gem. Or the splendid Desenzano del Garda, where you can stroll through the beautiful historic center along Lake Garda. Absolutely worth seeing are the Castle, the Cathedral and also the Archaeological Museum and the excavations of the Roman Villa.

In short, they are truly wonderful and these 3 magical places are found in Lombardy that will win our hearts. But these are just a few ideas of destinations to visit for a trip out of town in this beautiful and vast region. Even near Milan there are lesser known cities that are worth visiting.

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These 3 not very well known places near Milan are beautiful and perfect for spending a nice weekend away from the city and cheap in spring

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