Romagna Riviera bent by “exceptional” wind and rain, volunteers at work

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RAVENNA – Romagna Riviera bent by the bad weather of the last few hours, with the wind that this morning reached gusts of over 100 kilometers per hour on the coast and lots of rain. Several roads in Ravenna are currently closed, even if the situation is constantly updated and we are working to reopen them as soon as possible, after the fall of several trees: via Stradello in Madonna dell’Albero, via Canala in Piangipane, viale Romagna in Lido di Savio, via dei Mille and viale Nations in Marina di Ravenna. Via delle Valli is also closed due to a low-voltage power line over the roadwhile several signs have also fallen, in several parts of the Ravenna municipal area, and some shelters and bins have been torn up.
In Lido di Savio there was a marine entry and, among other things, the ferry on the canal port that connects Marina di Ravenna to Porto Corsini was closed. The mayor, Michele De Pascale, thanks all the operators and volunteers in the field “for all the necessary operations in progress”, recommending “the utmost prudence” and inviting citizens “to stay at home” and “move only in case of need” . In the meantime, even and especially at the port, bad weather is being dealt with. The Viking Sea cruise shipwhich at 8 was regularly moored (south area) at the cruise terminal of Porto Corsini, he swerved away from his position due to the gusts of bora coming from the north, “Of absolutely extraordinary intensity”, confirm to the Ravenna Port Authority, speaking of an “exceptional situation” from the point of view of the weather. The Harbor Master’s Office intervened as well as tugs, pilots and mooring crews, giving support to the ship “which is now safely and constantly monitored”. However, there was no consequence for the passengers, who are continuing their activities on board regularly. The Viking has been re-moored in her position and, when the weather conditions allow it, she will leave the port of Ravenna.


Even in Riccione, after the violent storm this morning, the local police together with the Civil Protection are at work answering the numerous calls that have arrived. At the moment the situation is defined in the Municipality as “under control”, with several fallen trees but without too many worries. There is no damage to people and no particular problems on the road network. “We immediately took action to monitor the high tide at the port, which is currently the most worrying situation. In general, monitoring will continue and we are ready to intervene where necessary, an activity that we will continue in the next few hours ”, underlines the Councilor for the Environment, Christian Andruccioli.
The civil protection volunteer teams of the Arcion group were activated immediately after the first rains, intervening in some cases to drain the water and avoid traffic problems. A tree fell on a car in via Savona, again without hurting anyone.


The Municipality of Cervia, meanwhile, speaks of a rapidly deteriorating situation and recommends “not to leave the house, not to stay in the basements and on the ground floors in the area of ​​the canal port, piazzale Bianchetti and from via Boito to via Mascagni, from viale 2 June towards the sea “. The city is proceeding with the closure of the flooded roads affected by the fall of the branches, while the municipal administration invites “not to use cars or other means of transport, due to the dangerousness of the roads and trees”. The Municipality of Cesenatico meanwhile, reports that the wind and wave height are decreasing compared to a few hours ago. The wind has peaked at 110 kilometers per hour here, and is currently traveling in the 60s. In the municipal area there are dozens of reports for fallen trees and damage to buildings, even if minor. The greatest problems were recorded on the beaches, where the water reached the bathing establishments in many points. A group of volunteers from the provincial civil protection is helping the workers in the field, the local police are on the street to collect reports and follow the road system.

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