Division Cup, defeat in the sprint for the OR Reggio Emilia

Division Cup, defeat in the sprint for the OR Reggio Emilia
Division Cup, defeat in the sprint for the OR Reggio Emilia
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OR REGGIO EMILIA C5: Guennouna, Edinho, Giardini, Lafif, Halitjaha V., Caffarri, Arduini, Franco, Ruggiero, Santoriello B., Mazzariol, Aquilini. Annex Margins.

ORANGE FUTSAL ASTI: Tropiano, Borgnetto, Montauro, Merlo, Celentano, Vitellaro, Rivella, Geovanne Da Silva, Rasero, Mendes, Pavan, Scavino. Herds Morellato.

Goals: pt 6’02 “and 9’34” Mazzariol (OR), 12’20 “Geovanne Da Silva (OF); st 6’31 “Mendes (OF), 9’50” Scavino (OF), 10’35 “Halitjaha V. (OR), 17’18” Scavino (OF).

Notes: Edinho (OR) sent off in the second half for a double yellow card; Giardino and Celentano are booked.

She surrenders only to the photo finish, despite the difference in category, a never tame OR Reggio Emilia, which fails at the last second the equalizer in the second round of the Division Cup against Orange Futsal Asti, a Serie A2 team. In Rivalta, Margini’s team starts strong and finds in the first part of the match Mazzariol’s one-two which is worth the double advantage, before Geovanne Da Silva’s goal that shortens the distance. In the second half captain Edinho receives the second yellow card after a dispute with an opponent, the Asti people take advantage of it and draw with Mendes, only to find an overtaking. Valtin Halitjaha, with a heel, puts in the bottom of the bag on a free kick from Ruggiero and puts everything back in balance, before Scavino’s final 3-4 less than 3 ‘from the end. Right on the final siren, with the moving goalkeeper deployed, the OR has the ball to equalize but unfortunately the luck is not on his side.

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Press Office OR Reggio Emilia C5

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