Sardinia, the Zes become reality

Sardinia, the Zes become reality
Sardinia, the Zes become reality
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The Zes “becomes reality”. The President of the Region proudly claims it Christian Solinas which he illustrated, together with the Government Commissioner of Zes Sardinia Aldo Cadaudetails of the Special Economic Zone in Sardinia.

He speaks of a “worldwide historical claim” which today “becomes a reality in our Island too, thanks to the important work of the Giunta”. Companies that invest in the perimeter areas in the Zes will be able to “access concessions, fiscal and administrative tools provided to create new opportunities for economic development and social growth“.

“The choice we made – explains Solinas – was that of ports of strategic importance, with the forecast of a circular development around the port, expansive and expandable “. Around the ports, continues the governor, “we have developed a network that includes industrial areas or artisanal areas that have a vocation for logistics, the sea economy, agro-industry, but it is our commitment to ensure that immediately other strategic areas can be connected to existing SEZs “.


The Zes is divided into six areas: Provincial Industrial Consortium of Sassari (Cipss), Oristanese (Cipor), Carbonia Iglesias (Sicip), North East Sardinia-Gallura (Cipnes), Ogliastra, Cagliari (Capic). I’m 15 municipalities included for a total area of ​​2,700 hectares.


For the Zes therefore a advantageous tax regime: reduction of taxation on certain types of businesses; facilitated taxation for investments and profits up to 100 million euros per investment; tax credit for the purchase of capital goods for business activities (ranging from 45% to 25% depending on the size of the company); establishment of the free customs free zone; simplified administrative procedures; reduced duties on imports.

Furthermore, to create continuity, the 2021 budget law introduced a 50% reduction in income tax for investments in Zes areas for companies that start a new activity and companies already operating that start an activity not exercised up to that moment, as long as they keep the activity in the Zes for at least ten years.

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“The special economic zones in the world they have created 70 million jobs. We hope that in Sardinia it involves a virtuous mechanism that generates not only stable employment but also value and wealth that remain on the island ”, is the hope of Solinas.


“From today – explains the government commissioner Cadau – a path begins that will see the activation of one Zes one-stop shop to which companies will turn to with certain and limited times. The Regional Council with the Ministry for the South and the Ministry of Transport will appoint the steering components and from that moment on the ZES will be able to operate at 100% ”. The desk, according to Cadau, will be fully operational by “the end of February”.

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