Inter, Dzeko and the odds of 100: triple figure at one step and the obsession with the championship

Inter, Dzeko and the odds of 100: triple figure at one step and the obsession with the championship
Inter, Dzeko and the odds of 100: triple figure at one step and the obsession with the championship
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In Udine he can reach 100 goals and pursue his usual goal: to win the championship. Targeted workouts to get in shape at the bottom: his decline a year ago cost Inzaghi dearly

For 100 children that’s all. After that there is nothing, or perhaps the unknown, the impossible. One hundred is the maximum, one cannot count further. It’s the best for kids too, because from maturity you can’t climb a step higher than that. One hundred is a happy number, in mathematics, even if not in the sense that one imagines. But happy indeed that Dzeko would be – not even a little – if he managed to reach that figure (100 goals, in fact) already tomorrow. Edin is a step away from the triple in Serie A: if he hit a goal in Udine, at 36 years and 185 days he would be the third oldest player ever to cross the finish line, after Pandev (whom we interview on this same page) and Pellissier.

Two reasons

Which is a bit like saying: old to whom? To those who don’t know how much weight they still have inside Inter. Because not only Lukaku can live, not only Lu-La can Inzaghi reason. In Plzen Dzeko dominated the scene and it is not surprising. Udine, tomorrow, is the most awaited effort. Inzaghi is looking for a partner for Lautaro who rested in the Czech Republic. And Dzeko must be considered ahead of Correa in the runoff, even if the game is not over. It is a tactical choice, not a physical one: Inzaghi must understand whether he would prefer a counter attacker or a player like the Bosnian who is able to “arm” the wing, the area where he can win the decisive duels to get the three points. There is a day to choose. Meanwhile, Dzeko has already won his game. In the summer, his name had been linked to the hypothesis of a sale, when Inter was still chasing the chimera Dybala. The Bosnian has never considered the possibility of a move. And yes that Juventus – hypothesis denied by all the protagonists at the time – some indirect message to the Bosnian had made it arrive. He remained, there is time to look for other adventures, maybe even geographically more distant tournaments. There are a thousand reasons that convinced him not to break away from Milan. But two more important than others. The first, of a family nature: in the coming months his wife Amra will give him another child, the fourth. The second, “working”: Dzeko has the Scudetto in mind. He doesn’t want to end his career without having won a championship in Italy. He did it first in Germany and then in England, the top tournaments to which he dedicated his football life. In Italy, seven seasons were not enough to reach the same goal. To get to 99 goals, that is. But Edin wants to go further. He does not want to do like the child, in fact: stopping at 100 does not interest him, he wants that championship that he thought – like all his teammates – he had in hand last season.


His decline, in the second part of the 2021-22 tournament, was decisive in the negative: only four goals from February onwards, with Inter seeing Milan flee. He paid for the physical effort made in the first few months, as well as the lack of a real alternative to take over. Now Inzaghi has a more complete department and Dzeko will be a factor in the opposite. The management of the forces is necessary, the rest is being done by the Bosnian himself. In Appiano, his extra-field work is manic: Edin’s attention in the pre and post training sessions are the secret of a player who is still intact and still decisive, who will want to be so also in March when his identity card says 37 years old.


And it will not be impossible, even when Lukaku returns, to see Lu-La together with Dzeko on the pitch at the same time. Never from the beginning, of course. But with the game in progress, yes, perhaps on occasions when there will be a result to be unblocked or reassembled. Also because the Bosnian has technical characteristics that others in pink do not have. The Inter that has chosen to change course this year, with Lukaku, is also the same one that last season with Dzeko on the pitch had the best attack of the tournament. It is never a leap in the dark to rely on Edin. Having it as an option is a luxury for Inzaghi. Quota 100, here, is not synonymous with retirement.

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