Maladepurazione, “in Sicily a mix of mismanagement, incapacity and connivance”

Maladepurazione, “in Sicily a mix of mismanagement, incapacity and connivance”
Maladepurazione, “in Sicily a mix of mismanagement, incapacity and connivance”
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The Concluding Report of the bicameral Commission Ecomafie sheds light on the disastrous situation of the Sicilian water service. Only six out of ten municipalities are served by purification plants

PALERMO – A continuous attack on the Sicilian environment, perpetrated over a long period of time, through collective and widespread behaviors. They are merciless conclusions of the “Final report on the purification of urban waste water in the Sicily Region” of the Ecomafie bicameral commission which has analyzed during the last legislature the very wide phenomenon of the lack of purification and the bad management of waste on the island. In the almost 600 pages of the report, in which the testimonies of prosecutors, commanders of the police forces, leaders of the ARPA, mayors, regional and local administrators in various capacities alternate, a frightening picture is outlined, going deep, but it would be the case of saying “in the mud” of individual situations.

In general about almost 5 million inhabitants residing in Sicilydistributed along 390 municipalities, only 61 per cent served by a purifier. In total there are 457 plants, but 16% do not work and less than 20% have the credentials for unloading, which occurs mostly in inland waters, but also in the sea in 25% of cases. Even in sensitive areas such as that of the Gulf of Castellammare. A disaster.

Much of the faults of this massacreaccording to the final report of the National Parliamentary Commission Ecomafie, it is to be attributed to bureaucracy and to the resistance that many island municipalities are putting in place in applying the law. If most of the regions have completed the process of setting up the local government bodies (Egato), in Sicily it is not possible because six out of nine Ati (Water Territorial Assemblies) – specifies the Commission – they have not yet drawn up the Area Plan or identified the single manager. The legal reference is given by … CONTINUE READING. THIS CONTENT IS RESERVED FOR SUBSCRIBERS



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