FCI Lombardia: the virtuous director and those reimbursements that do not come back …

FCI Lombardia: the virtuous director and those reimbursements that do not come back …
FCI Lombardia: the virtuous director and those reimbursements that do not come back …
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The Chairman Cordiano Dagnoni has not yet clarified the 106 thousand euros and the relations relating to commissions and with Reiwa Management. Meanwhile, other black clouds are gathering on the sky of the FCI.

GREEN LIKE IRELAND – The background color is always green but from theIreland this time we pass to the Lombardy and, in particular to the Lombard amateur sector, where the National Councilor comes from Gianantonio Crisafulli and where it moves, with a certain ease, Gianluca Londoni. Regional Councilor of the Lombard Committee, as well as in charge of the secretariats of various amateur events and, at the same time, Master 6, Londoni is an authentic record holder of attendance at Lombard events, of copyright on arrival orders and in traveling kilometers.

Londoni’s specialty, Cordiano Dagnoni’s trusted man and Gianantonio Crisafulli’s operative arm, seems to be to attend the Lombard amateur events in the triple capacity of participant, representative of FCI Lombardia and as race secretary. This would be what emerges from the documents held by the editorial staff of ciclismoweb.net.

LOMBARDY: THE REIMBURSEMENT CASE – Beyond the curiosity that arouses the presence of a competitor within the race secretariat, to attract the most attention are the refunds that Londoni would have received in the last two years from the Lombardy Regional Committee led by the President Stefano Pedrinazzi with deputy Christian Dagnonibrother of the Presidentissimo Cordiano.

Londoni, in fact, in order to be present at the amateur competitions would have systematically issued requests for reimbursement of expenses in his capacity as Regional Councilor to the Lombard Committee. Reimbursements which, according to the internal practice of the Lombard committee as in other committees, should be due only when the director (or the other members of the board) attend an event to officially represent the Committee and the FCI. We are therefore talking about events where titles must be delivered or where regional representatives are present and so on.

Londoni, on the other hand, would be present at amateur races first of all as secretarial clerk, an activity for which compensation would also be provided by the organizers, and then as an athlete since he appears not only in the starters list but also in the orders of arrival of several tests.

Despite this double interest, therefore, Londoni would have managed in at least thirty cases to have his travel expenses reimbursed directly by the Regional Committee. Really not bad for a manager, voluntary on paper, of the FCI Lombardia.


KILOMETERS ON KILOMETERS – It doesn’t end there though. In fact, in the reimbursement requests presented by Londoni even the mileage count does not return.

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240 kilometers it would be the distance traveled by Councilor Londoni to go to compete, for example, at the Arcore race on 2 May 2021. It is a pity that between Monza, the starting point of Londoni, and Arcore there are just 11 kilometers away.

In short, more than something in the accounts of the Director Londoni would seem not to square but despite this none, from President Pedrinazzi up to Andrea Capelli, Head of the National Amateur Commission who for almost a year was also President of SAR Lombardia, seems to have noticed Londoni’s expenses and activities.

A situation that, according to what the well-informed report, would follow the trend already inaugurated with the management of Cordiano Dagnoni in the previous four years when today’s director Londoni was then in charge of the amateur sector.

Certainly not a pretty sight for the FCI in the most cycling region of Italy and with the greatest presence in the Federal Council even if, we are sure, this time too it will all have happened by mistake.

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