Reggio Calabria. The former pentastellato premier finds “his” square PHOTO

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Real crowd bath: Giuseppe Conte catalyzes attention, defends citizenship income with the sword and ‘crowns’ the former prosecutor Cafiero de Raho

REGGIO CALABRIA – The idyll between Reggio Calabria and Giuseppe Conte seems to have never stopped since that 2020 in which the electoral campaign, driven by its premiership, also flooding the central Piazza De Nava, the then President of the Council of Ministers, pulled the Cinquestelle Movement to Palazzo Campanella for the first time in its history (two are elected, Francesco Afflitto and the group leader Davide Tavernise).

From 2020, music changed but unchanged Reggio ‘heat’

In the meantime, the music has changed a lot, a lot: Conte is no longer at Palazzo Chigi (and, for that matter, the same “technical” successor Mario Draghi is coming out …), the entire planet suffers from the enormous gas and electricity bills and the neighboring Sicily, which is about to vote for the Regionals too, almost entirely captures the attention of the political leader of the M5S.
Moreover, on the front of the policies of 25 September, is involved in an almost entirely internal game. To prove that he is ‘really’ the boss, to have convincing success for the capilista he likes imposed-voted with separate lists at the time of the parliamentarians – in Calabria I am the former Reggio district attorney and former national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho for Montecitorio, the former attorney general at the Court of Appeal of Palermo Roberto Scarpinato for Palazzo Madama -, make a ‘full’ that compensates for the ventilated lower consensus in the North, but above all the nostalgia for 2018 Politics in which the M5S alone won the absolute majority of votes in large swathes of Calabria and beyond.

The slip of the ‘fake’ dot-print

On the shores of the Strait, the former prime minister summons reporters for a ‘press point’ which sadly will not turn out to be such at all: cramped and totally inadequate space; beastly crowd of non-journalists compared to the very limited space, which absolutely prevented the information operators from carrying out their work serenely and completely; it is absolutely impossible to ask the political leader of Cinquestelle even a skimpy question (those who have tried, however, have not received an answer).

Bronzes and walk, then by the witness of justice Bentivoglio

“Before”, however, Conte pays homage in his own way to the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the splendid Riace Bronzes by visiting them at their ‘home’, at MarRc, the National Archaeological Museum of Magna Graecia directed by Carmelo Malacrino.

And then, walk with lots of impromptu interviews with the citizens, who reciprocate with great warmth.

And especially, stop of three quarters of an hour by the intrepid witness of justice Tiberio Bentivoglio at the Sanitaria “Sant’Elia” who drives – with a thousand difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles placed in the way of the State itself that took advantage of its declarations – together with his wife Enza Falsone.
A long, emblematic “surprise but not too much” stage, considering that by chance Don Ennio Stamile and Mimmo Nasone (Libera), Lorenzo Labate (Confcommercio), Claudio Aloisio (Confesercenti), Gianni Laganà (Cna), Antonino Tramontana are also part of the game (regional president of Unioncamere) and other protagonists of the world of commerce and entrepreneurship in Reggio.

In front of the business – which Bentivoglio and his wife keep open, despite all the shame suffered by organized crime including the attempted murder, right in an asset confiscated from the ‘ndrine -, many supporters with signs explicitly praising Conte and the Movementbut also more sympathetic (“My wife is jealous of you,” for example).
And there are not even the infamous ones Conte’s girls

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… All this with Cafiero de Raho in tow, many outgoing and re-nominated parliamentarians starting from the same former Undersecretary for Culture Maria Laura Orrico and then going to the candidates in the colleges that interest Reggino – Fabio Foti and Giuseppe Auddino for the Chamber of Deputies, Riccardo Tucci for the Senate – and beyond.

L’coronation of the former head of the DDA of Reggio

To follow, here is the “point-press” which suddenly turns into a harangue from a box, with the reporters crushed and unable to speak. For Conte’s unwillingness to answer; for the very short time available to him, given the almost immediate return to Sicily; but also for the thousand elbows suffered.

The occasion is propitious above all for “an embrace of hope, of planning, of redemption”.
So for a warning against the excessive power of the clans: “Many successes, but now about 80 billion of the PNRR are about to arrive … Let’s not sing victory”.

To follow, logically, L’coronation of the former anti-mafia prosecutor Cafiero de Raho: «We must not allow the underworld – so Giuseppe Conte – to get their hands on these billions. Precisely for this reason we present ourselves to these elections having asked for reinforcements … and what reinforcements !, ‘ours are coming’! Next to me, you know him well, there is the former prosecutor of Reggio Federico Cafiero de Raho: a standard bearer of the anti-mafia who fought the mafias and knows this territory well and all the insidious forms with which the ‘Ndrangheta and the clans are capable of insinuating themselves in all the ganglia of the public administration and public life “.

Citizenship Income?

Lastlystrenuous defense of an ‘identity’ measure of the pentastellates: the Citizenship Income (which, incidentally, in Calabria and in the neighboring Sicily boasts a very large slice of beneficiaries). “When someone talks about parasitesI hope well it refers to the mafia! Not to those who receive the income of citizenship… – thunders the former Prime Minister -. How dare you, you politicians, that maybe you have been in politics for 20-30 years and also earn with the money of the state to give ‘parasites’ to those in difficulty? This thing, you journalists write it !, is unworthy and makes me angry … from Giorgia Meloni to Renzi speak of “armchair”, “parasites” and “state methadone” … That is, the mafia? No, eh: they never talk about the mafia. And instead the one in which those in difficulty are supported by the state for us is a civilized world, and uncivilized that of the mafia: we cannot accept the vision that all these politicians have of a world “upside down“”.

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